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Instagram Free Download – Emoticons Gaining Popularity through the Photo App


Instagram is one such app out of the thousand apps that helps you in socializing your pictures and images through the web.

As it is one of its kind, it gained popularity and ranked as one of the widely used app across the globe. Its features and attributes have made it a platform for social media marketing and hence, most of the businesses are using this app to promote their services.

The Latest Trend with Hashtag

With globalization and digitalization, people have started using apps such as Instagram to express themselves and their qualities. Moreover, the use of hashtags is spreading like a viral bug over the web. You can find at least one hashtag in each sentence of the app user. The hashtags help in popularizing the keywords followed with the hastags and make your post spread to those users also who are following that particular hashtag.

Use Emoticons to Express Your Frame of Mind

Expression has always played an important part in making people understand your mindset while talking. With the technology and fast-paced world, it is rarely, if ever that you meet your friend or acquaintance physically. Most of the people make use of apps to stay in touch with the world. Hence, to contemplate your expression to the receiver, the technology has innovated emoticons. These have made their stand in personal as well as professional use. It has become the only way to express your mood and frame of mind to the person reading your texts through apps such as Instagram.

Blend of Hashtags and Emoticons through Instagram

You were never able to make use of emoticons in hashtags. However, Instagram has put forth and implemented a new concept to include emojis in any hashtag. This has helped the image-enamored people to choose from the variety of emoticons set by Instagram. As hashtag has become one of the prominent social channels, it would be fun to understand how people can make the content for the photos uploaded impressive with hundreds of icons provided by the photo app.

The Records

Instagram proposed and implemented this interesting concept a couple of months back. As it is a growing social platform, the ability to combine hashtags and emoticons has spread like a wild fire across the internet. According the one of the reports, hashtags used individual emoticons no lesser than 6.4M times in a period of just two months. Every emoticon is impressive and usable. Hence, 72 percent of the emojis were used in the same period along with hashtags.

The value of this blend is ever increasing through instagram. People click pictures, upload it on their account of Instagram, post it with an impressive content and make it live with hashtags followed with individual emojis. Out of the 72 percent of emoticons used, most of them are expressing happiness, fuzziness and warmth. This result shows that people are enjoying the new trend and are happy the way globalization and technology has brought corners of the world together. You do not have to any more put in efforts in writing long texts, but send just a couple of emojis to express yourself.