App world has seen various names emerging under chatting category made out specifically for IMs, calls, and/or video calls. Line and Imo, both have earned handsome reputation when it comes to calling app. We are presenting you a quick comparison between these two amazing communication apps so you can make up your mind more easily.

Top Features for Line as per Users

  • Line provides privacy options to its users by making a two-way opt-in method due to which, users have to send request and wait to get accepted to start communication.
  • The app weights around 5.20 MB on your iPhone or iPad which is quite less as compared to its functionality. Smaller size means that app will not engage your device’s processor to larger extent.
  • You can check if your message has been opened with its Seen option.
  • You can conduct group video chats. Call in all your buddies and enjoy endless video calling but you need to have a stronger internet connection with high bandwidth to avoid any prospect lag.
  • Line will keep all of your uploaded and downloaded images in its designated Gallery so you do not fool around looking for your pictures and videos.
  • App can be personalized by adding color or changing its theme. You do not have to survive with default theme or colors to avoid boredom and monotony.
  • Home screen of your Line can support widgets. These widgets will make your use of app very handy as they provide information at a glance without letting you dig in deep into the app.
  • This app also supports a built-in browser that will enable you opening links and websites right from the app. You do not have to close or minimize it to access internet or to check links shared by your friends.
  • There are certain in-app purchases available for special content like stickers, Emojis and other amazing and exciting stuff to add on more value to your app.

Top Features for Imo as per Users

  • Imo has smoother video calls as compared to Line and is reported as an app that works even on a regular internet connection.
  • Particularly for above reason, Imo is ranked above Line in Google Play with more positive reviews and stars.
  • Size of app is twice more than Line i.e. 10.10 MB.
  • Imo can receive messages even when you are offline. You will receive those messages as soon as you are connected again. Even though if you had uninstalled this app and re-install it after some time, still you will receive all of your pending messages.
  • Imo supports more than 14 languages at a time so it is always a first choice no matter which area or time zone you belong to.
  • Imo allows you take photos from within the app and share them with your friends instantaneously.
  • Imo do not put much effort in keeping privacy as it is made for those who want to make new friends as well. You can look upon new people and maybe hook up with them too

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