The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 which just got over was an amazing moment for Microsoft because the company had the most number of games to show and announce during their dedicated conference.

While there will be arguments on who won the E3 event, it is clear that Microsoft has gained an upper hand with their Xbox One console by announcing that it will support backward compatibility with every Xbox 360 game that is available. People who already own a whole lot of titles both on disc and digital format will now be able to play them all on the next gen console. All they have to do is swap the disc in and play or download it from the servers. It’s as simple as that and with the $350 price tag, they could easily make amazing sales this season. Isn’t Sony going to do something about this?

It’s a technical achievement – Sony

Responding to Microsoft’s announcement that Xbox One will support backward compatibility, Sony head Shuhei Yoshida said that it is such an interesting feature that the company has managed to bring in. “We were really surprised to see the announcement and it was also great to know that the team of developers in the company have managed to accomplish such a great feat on a console that is completely different from its older generation version”, he said.

The people at Sony are really looking forward to know the list of titles that will be playable on the new console. Microsoft also confirmed that the games on Xbox One will play natively while Xbox 360 titles will be made available using an integrated emulator. As people have a lot of games in their collection, acquired over a life span of seven years, it is good to see that they don’t have to simply throw them away, but rather play them whenever they like to.

PS4 is not Getting Backward Compatibility

“Our stand on this topic remains the same and it will always be. Playstation 4 as a console has a lot of innovative features and we look forward to pushing the hardware to more heights. Playstation Now will offer the players the opportunity to pay and play all those older games that they might already own, while our team will focus on improving the experience on this console”, said Sony head.

It is too hard to achieve with good results which is why we like to skip it, clarified Yoshida.

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