The Sims 4 has been receiving a lot of content ever since Electronic Arts launched the game.

Apart from the large expansion packs also known as DLCs in modern days, there are many mini launches including the game pack and the stuff pack.

Compared to the expansion packs which are usually large in sizes, this comes with a lot of new characters, activities and an entirely new world; the stuff packs are rather small in size. They are, of course, interesting because they usually add plenty of innovative ideas to the game. It also includes a bunch of new outfits to dress up your sims with and also has items which can be used to host parties in style. The Perfect Patio is the newly launched stuff pack which has some interesting additions and here’s a detailed review of it for you to know if it is worth the investment.

New Outfits and Newer Actions

The biggest change that the perfect patio stuff pack brings to the Sims 4 is the ability to try on a whole new range of outfits. It includes some party wear designed for both male and female avatars. Whatever your character is, you will have a lot of nice party clothes to choose from. For the women, there are some skimpy ones which are designed to help them view the man they like and maybe make love with him on a Jacuzzi setup.

A brand new trailer has been launched on the official Sims YouTube channel which gives a detailed look into the pack. One of the characters actually comes near the group who are resting in a warm Jacuzzi bath and suddenly strips his clothes off. They are completely put off by his rude action and walks out of the scene. But, luckily a woman who is almost his age loves his actions and the two hook up right there.

In another part of the trailer, you will find that characters are indulged in furious love making in the water and even invite one of the guys for underwater love making. It is fun to look at, but when you play as one of the characters, you are sure to enjoy it like never before. When you buy the pack, you get access to this popular Jacuzzi, cooking table, umbrella and a lot of other accessories that help cool down the summer heat. Give it a shot and you will enjoy your purchase.

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