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How Viber Free Download Stands Against the Dominant WhatsApp Free Download


Viber and WhatsApp are two of the most popular instant messaging apps. These two have their own similarities and differences as well.

On one hand, there is WhatsApp free download, which happens to be the most used messenger in instant messaging. This app also works across all major platforms. On the other hand, there is Viber free download, a less popular app than its counterpart but it is gaining users at an immense rate from all over the world. The app has some amazing features that you won’t find on WhatsApp, however, the idea of having the both of them installed comes at a price. You also need enough storage memory to accommodate the two apps and the media exchanged on either platform.

In this regard, here is a brief comparison of WhatsApp free download and Viber free download.


The best thing about these instant messengers is the fact that they can be installed on a variety of devices that run on different operating systems. When you want to use Viber, you need to have an Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada or Nokia phone. Furthermore, the application comes with versions for PCs and tablets as well. However, it is important to note that you cannot use Viber for PC when you have not installed the mobile app first.

WhatsApp free download, on the other hand, comes with a mobile client for all major mobile operating systems that include Windows Phone, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian. Unlike Viber free download, WhatsApp has no separate client for installing on PCs and tablets, but users can use WhatsApp Web, a web client that requires the use of Chrome, Firefox or Opera in order to access it. This application cannot be used on a Wi-Fi-only device.

Sharing files

There is really not much difference between WhatsApp and Viber when it comes to sharing files. Both apps allow users to share videos, photos, texts as well as voice notes. It is not possible to attach PDF or doc files on either app. Furthermore, there are limits with respect to the size of files you can share on these apps.


WhatsApp might be a free app, but it is not completely free like Viber. To use WhatsApp for life, you must pay a fee of $0.99 annually after using the app for the first year on a free trial basis. Even though the app keeps saying they’ll start charging after year two of usage, they never do. Viber free download on the other hand is free for life and asks for no extra fees when using it.

Both apps require a suitable internet connection in order to be effective with their services. However, WhatsApp will still work in poor data connections, but it will a bit slow in executing functions. Viber will have lots of issues working in poor networked areas, which makes it less popular in developing countries.

Voice and video calls

WhatsApp and Viber both offer voice calling services. However, the former has just entered a territory that is already dominated by the latter. Voice calling on Viber is much better than using WhatsApp thanks to the HD quality of sound this app offers. Furthermore, Viber free download allows the users to make free video calls to other users of the app regardless of the device or platform they are using,

Viber does not stop there. It goes ahead and lets the users connect with the non-users with the help of the ViberOut feature. However, they will be charged a small fee for making these voice or video calls to whatever country they want. The video calling feature and ability to connect with the non-users are just among the major features that WhatsApp is expected to add to its platform in the near future.

Bottom line

It is not that easy to put these two apps apart. This is because they offer almost the same services and features. However, it can be true to say that WhatsApp is the best for messaging services while Viber free download tops the game as far as voice and video calling are concerned.