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8 Amazing Google Hangouts Tricks You Didn’t Know About


There are millions of Gmail users who use Google Hangouts on a daily basis; however, some of them have never even realized this.

Google Hangouts has been offering Google+ users with free chat services for a period now. Recently, the same platform moved over to the Gmail chat; however, most people still prefer to call it by its conventional name, Google Chat or Google Talk. One thing you ought to know is that GChat is no more. The good thing is that those using Gmail still have the option of moving over to the old chats.

However, why you should you do such a dumb thing when there is a lot at stake with the latest Google Hangouts app? Google has integrated lots of its communication functions in the Hangouts app, which is a move aimed at making this app the ultimate communication tool in all Google-powered services and devices. This application has the advantage of being cross-platform and it displays one of the greatest syncing capabilities across all devices.

Even if you are a serious Hangout-er, there are probably things you didn’t know about on this latest version of Google Hangouts. However, this post is set to bring them out to you and you can immediately try them out if you like.

Doodle drawing

One thing that people love about Snapchat is the ability to draw amazing doodles. This feature is now available on Google Hangouts; however, the feature is curiously hidden.

To start doodling in Hangouts, simply move the cursor over the photo icon (the mountain scene located on the bottom right of the screen) and you should see a pencil icon show up. Click on this pencil icon to open a work space. This is the space where you can draw your doodles by choosing the brush sizes, colors, shapes as well as transparency levels. After you are done, click “Send” and you will see the doodle appearing in the main chat window. The recipient can edit the doodle and resend it to you.

Using emojis

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Well, why use 1000 words when you can just use one animated character to say all you want? Google Hangouts is full of these cartoon characters and you just need to choose which one to use. To access the whole collection of emojis on Hangouts, simply click on the smiley face located on the bottom left of the screen. To add it in a conversation, just click on it. Once it’s in the text area, hover your mouse on it and it will even let you doodle on this emoji to make even much funnier.

Video chats

There is a small movie camera icon located on the top left corner of the open window. Click on this icon and a video chat window will show up. You can grab the link located in the top right side of the screen and go ahead adding new people to the call. The maximum number of people you can add is 10. Hover your mouse over to the left will uncover another set of features such as the Google Effects that allow you to add funny animations on a live video conversation.

Group Hangouts

Every instant messaging application allows the users to chat in groups and Google Hangouts is not an exception. It’s easy to add people to a conversation in Hangouts. When in an open chat window, just click on the small icon of a person that has a plus sign towards the top left corner. You will see a list of contacts open up with check boxes against each one. Just check the ones you want to add to the conversation and they’ll receive an invitation.

Call phone numbers from Google Hangouts

You can use Google Hangouts to make a phone voice call to any phone number anywhere in the world. In most cases, making calls within the U.S. and Canada is free; however, you can still set up a phone calling credit that will be used for billing international calls.

To make a phone call via Google Hangouts, just tap on the phone icon located at the top of the open window and you will be directed to your contacts list.