The Canon EOS 60D launched in the second half of 2010 was widely accepted by the camera lovers.

With its positive reviews and feedbacks, the reputable camera producing company came up with its successor, the Canon EOS 70D in the first quarter of 2013. As the company promised to offer better features and configurations in the latter, let’s find out whether you should upgrade your Canon EOS camera.


The EOS 60D is a 17.9 MP camera with CMOS sensor and 1.6x crop factor. While the crop factor and sensor type remains unchanged, the maximum resolution is increased to 20 MP in the EOS 70D. As light sensitivity is a crucial factor, the EOS 60D features 6,400 ISO standard and 12,800 ISO maximum light sensitivity. In contrast, its successor provides the standard light sensitivity of 12,800 ISO, which can be boosted up to a further 25,600 ISO. Hence, the EOS 70D is doubly powerful in terms of light sensitivity and provides 11.7% higher resolution.

Winner: Canon EOS 70D


Lenses are an important part of high-end Canon cameras. As the lenses of the two Canon EOS cameras are interchangeable, you get a remarkable option to use the most appropriate one on your device. If you own an EOS 60D and several compatible lenses, you can upgrade to EOS 70D without worrying about expenditure on new lenses. This is because every lens that is compatible with 60D can be used with its successor.

Winner: Tie


First things first; the basic built of both the EOS devices are completely similar. The EOS 60D as well as the 7D has the dimensions of 145 x 106 x 79 mm and weighs 755 g. In addition to this, both the gadgets come loaded with a depth of 3.1 inches. The only difference between the two is that the EOS 70D has a weather sealed body.

When it comes to the display screen, both the devices have a 3-inch LCD screen with 1040k dots resolution. Apart from this, the live view feature is present in the two devices, along with flip out functionality. However, the newer model features a touchscreen, in comparison to the 60D’s normal screen.

Winner: Canon EOS 70D

Overall, Canon has made some remarkable improvements in the EOS 70D by offering better resolution, touchscreen and weather sealed body. As the EOS 70D can use all the lenses available for its predecessor, it is worth upgradable for users of the EOS 60D.

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