Ice Bucket Challenge

Last year’s best Facebook marketing campaign results are announced and it’s no surprise that the viral Ice Bucket Challenge bagged the top position. The campaign got even Facebook’s Mark Zukerburg to participate in the viral ad campaign. It was meant to raise awareness for ALS in which millions of people took part to film their videos dousing ice cold water on themselves. The ALS Association did not even have to use the money to get all that attention. These videos were watched by millions worldwide and became one of the most powerful campaigns of the year for online marketing.

Like A Girl

Procter & Gamble’s Like A Girl videos spread all across the social media that connected people emotionally. The campaign with Hastag #LikeAGirl presented through a series of videos how to run, throw, and punch like a girl. With a record viewership ever for the feminine-hygiene brand (76 million global views) there was a surge in the purchase intent among the teenagers with over 250 million hits! The campaign was that of an emotional drive that helped build awareness and also increased the sales like never before!

Kiss A Lot

Winning the prize for media strategy, LOT polish airlines had a successful Facebook ad campaign encouraging people to kiss when flights were overhead. The marketing technique involved targeted people globally in different cities. With millions of impressions on the social media, a lot of free media attention, blogs and shares, the campaign that put mistletoe on its planes was definitely one of the best used Facebook advertising in 2014.

GT Ride

The digitally savvy audience got hooked to their fabulous car racing video game. The Kia Motors video game allowed players to be able to build their own racetracks. The game translated the player’s phone motion in air to create a customizable course. The app got viral and there are millions that played the game.

Love Has No Labels

The second most viral campaign in history was aimed to raise awareness to show that most differences are skin deep. People were filmed dancing, kissing, hugging and interacting in front of a large X-ray installation set up for public viewing. Just about two days of the campaign and it achieved an incredible 40 million views on Facebook.

GLA on Instagram

Customize a car on Instagram! That’s what the popular Mercedes launched a fabulous campaign for Instagram users. The campaign not just promoted a video on Facebook to capture the audience and encourage them to try their own, but also fetched the premium company with over 100,000 Instagram likes and a whopping 20,000 new followers!

Newcastle Band of Brands

The beer company yet again did a stunning marketing campaign with an awesome commercial that bought 30+ likeminded brands in a video. Running the advertisement during one of the Super Bowl games got them an overall 2.3 billion campaign impressions last year!

Buds for Buds

Targeting friends in Denver and Chicago the beer brand offered a promo to buy a friend a beer with a receipt redeemable at a local bar. Customers were seen spending more on the value of the first beer that got the company improved sales, traffic drive online and offline both, as well as brand awareness in general.

Applications Best of the Facebook Advertising Campaigns that Worked in 2014