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Facebook Messenger Free Download – How to Share Your Location with Friends?


Messaging apps are becoming better and smarter with each update.

Today, these apps are no longer meant for instant messaging services only, they can also do a bunch of other things, including sharing of locations.

Facebook Messenger is one such app that lets users not only share messages in the form of videos, texts, audio notes or photos, but it also lets them share their locations using Google Maps or Apple Maps. Whether you are using iOS or Android, you can easily send your friend a map of your current location and locating you won’t be a very hard task. There are various reasons as to why you’d want to send your friend your location, but whatever the reason is, Messenger is here to take care of it.

Facebook no longer sends your location with messages by default

In the past, Facebook Messenger messages were sent to recipients with the details of the location of the sender attached to this message. This was a default action that many users of the app were not aware of, until it was made public that Facebook Messenger will now be asking for permission to access location services only when you want to share your location with your friends on Messenger.

Unlike in the past where someone would just tap on a message to get the location details of the sender, the app will now let the user manually add a location to their messages. What this means is that it’s now the users who are in control of their location settings and not the app like before. If you want to try out this new location service on Facebook Messenger, here is how to go about it.

Sharing location on Facebook Messenger for iOS

Sharing locations on a Facebook Messenger app on an iPhone is very easy. First you need to tap on the icon with the ellipses (More) in order to reveal more options. After that, tap on the “Location” tab at the top and you should see a new screen pop up. Go ahead and tap on “Current Location” and this will prompt the app to send your friend a map of your current location. There is a list of places that pops up just below and you can choose one location if it appears in the list. If it doesn’t, simply search for it via the search bar tool at the top of the window.

Once you are done with selecting the location you want to share, tap on “Send” and your friend will receive a message with a map of your location. This map can be opened using Apple Maps or Google Maps; it depends on the mapping app you’ve installed.

Before this location sharing process succeeds, you need to allow the app to access location services on your phone. Go to the “Settings>Privacy>Location Services” option and then tap on the Facebook Messenger app from the list that appears. Follow it by selecting “While Using the App” such that Facebook Messenger will be set to always access the service whenever you want to share a location with your friend.

Sharing location on Facebook Messenger for Android

There is a very slight difference between sharing locations on iOS and on Android devices. All you need is to tap on the ellipses and then select “Location” and you can go ahead and share your location. The recipients can view the map using Google Maps. Just like with the case of iPhones, the Android version also lets users activate the location services only when they want to share a location.