If I would have been more documented years ago, my first Samsung Galaxy S would still be my favorite old school Android phone and it would live to a ripe old age, sitting in a forgotten drawer, but “thanks” to a second of carelessness, some skillful guy managed to get his hands on my precious baby and made it his possession. I felt like the earth was collapsing under my feet and I imagined the hysterical laughs of the new owner of my phone when seeing the embarrassing photos I never showed to anyone. A simple tracking application could have saved me from shedding tears of grief. Why didn’t I use Google’s Android Device Manager to find my stolen phone?  Or any other method…. But, hey, I learned my lesson and, in the meantime, the Internet has become my best friend and a source of information, which I’m willing to share with you, to help you get your phone back shortly!

This world is full of dangers. Thieves do what they know best: they steal. They don’t care if your object was cheap or expensive. The more expensive, the better for their pockets. They are “soulless” psychopaths who buy food and clothes from the money they make by stealing and selling your gadgets, and their favorite targets are your mobile devices. Did you see smartphones, at incredible low prices, sold on websites? Who wouldn’t want to buy a high end device and to pay half of its price? If you don’t want your phone to end up on a website or being sold at the corner of the street, then you’d better read this article carefully. Re-read it, if necessary.

Here are some tips that you can use to get your Android smartphone back, so here we go.

Use Google’s Android Device Manager

Use Google’s Android Device Manager

For this first suggestion, we recommend you to create a Google account and to connect to it. Enable mobile data, or connect to a wireless network from your house. Let Android Device Manager (ADM) locate your smartphone and if it’s still turned on, you will be able to find it, lock it or erase its data. This application doesn’t offer the option to take pictures of the thief, so you won’t know who stole it. However, you can use one of your friends’ Android smartphones to track your device, in case you don’t own a laptop. You will ask your friend’s permission to install Android Device Manager from the Google Play Store, after signing in using the guest mode. If you have problems locating your phone, it means that the thief turned it off or logged off from your Google Account. In this case, you can say good bye to your phone!

Install Android Lost to remote control and locate your smartphone

To be able to remotely activate Android Lost on an Android device, you must run version 3.0 and higher, but I promise you that this application is very efficient. So, hurry up and download it from the Google Play Store, and activate it by sending a SMS text from any phone containing the text “androidlost register”. After installing and starting the application, you will need to log into the Android Lost website using your Google account and, like magic, the following remote control features will appear:

– getting the location of your phone

– locking and unlocking your phone

– erasing the microSD card

– wiping out the entire data

– reading the most recent SMS you’ve received on your phone

– taking pictures of the thief with the front or back camera

– forcing the phone to start an alarm with a flashing screen etc.

If you happen to own a veteran Android device running versions 2.0 – 2.3, then you should try Plan B from Lockout, and this application is also found on the Google Play Store. I tried this application and it really works. It sends an email every ten minutes to your Gmail address containing the location of your phone. However, if the thief is inspired to turn off the device, the application will no longer send messages with the location.

Locate your phone with Google Maps Location History

Google Maps Location History

After getting this application, activate it on your phone by going to the Google Settings application from your device. But this isn’t actually a tracking application, being more likely a method to verify past travel routes or tours. Remember to keep this application enabled on your phone, go to the Location History and check if the current day is selected in the calendar. Now, when you will need to click on “Show timestamps”, you will see all the times your device’s location has been registered.

How does Google Maps Location History work? Well, it collects data using cell tower IDs and Wi-Fi location detection, so you shouldn’t rely on the accuracy of the collected data.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile is another great application

Samsung’s Find My Mobile

So, back to my favorite phone manufacturer which launched a tracking service called Find My Mobile that needs to be set up on your phone. You must move with the speed of light to create your Samsung account and to register your device, so in case it gets stolen, you can head to the Find my mobile website and click on “Locate my device” from the sidebar, and on the locate button. If the phone is still turned on, you will get an approximate location and you will have the option to wipe its data, or ring with a message.

Hopefully, these recommendations will be very useful to you, and, with a little bit of luck, you will get your phone back in no time. And if you won’t be the subject of a happy ending, pray to not see your intimate photos posted somewhere, on websites for adults!

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