Google Hangouts has jumped onto the instant messaging world with a bang, with already half a billion people having this app on their phones and using it from time to time.

Google ensured that this app is fully and tightly integrated into the latest Android Lollipop OS, with the devices using it as the default SMS app as well. However, users have the option of disabling the Hangouts app from being the default SMS tool for their Android Lollipop smartphones. Nevertheless, Google Hangouts is a top IM, offering some of the latest features in this niche, in addition to offering HD-quality voice and video calling services for free.

Android users’ cries have been answered

In the recent past, the users of Android devices who are relishing the use of Google Hangouts had been crying to Google to come in with a new user interface for the mobile phone app. As it seems, this is finally happening and the Hangouts app for Android users will be getting a facelift where all the messy features that have been dominating the UI will now be eliminated. You could see almost everything everywhere, for instance, features like video chat, Google voice calling and SMS services.

Google Hangouts 4.0 layout

However, the latest Google Hangouts 4.0 comes in with something different. The interface will be much cleaner and completely redesigned. Rather than come with two columns of people and conversations, the latest Google Hangouts will only come with a single column. This messaging column will be stamped with an “a+” button which when tapped, it will reveal more options – for instance, staring a video call, contacts as well as create a new group. In essence, the latest version of Hangouts for Android is both prettier and much more functional than before.

Hangouts 4.0 is easy to use

The latest version of Google Hangouts 4.0 makes everything as far as using this app very easy. On the messaging screen, you will notice fewer controls. The design of the message bubbles has been tweaked and in this version, it is much easier to attach files. Users of this version will also be able to set a status which will then appear just below the main window. There is no longer an interface for the user’s avatar in the chat window, which adds to the cleanliness of the latest version of Google Hangouts.

The previous version had a tab for people. In its place is a left drawer with a menu and a new “floating” action button that springs to life the list of contacts you have added. At the moment, there is no official news of when this update will be released to the public. There are more fears that some of these features might be dropped in favor of others. However, it is only time that can tell.

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