Apple presented its new iOS 9 at the WWDC and, as expected, it brought many changes, especially new features, enhanced multitasking for iPad and UI improvements. In this article, we’ll present some of the changes in the user interface.

A New Font

The Helvetica Nue font has been replaced with the San Francisco font from the Apple Watch. This fond is sharper and the users will read texts easier.

The Podcast App has been redesigned

The application has a new tab called “Unplayed” which displays a timeline of the episodes from your favorite podcasts that haven’t been played. To start playing an episode, you will just need to tap on it. Podcast’s interface offers more detailed information about your subscribed podcasts (you will see the name and the number of unplayed episodes). Also, the Now Playing screen no longer has the toolbar from the top, with a share button, because, now, that is occupied by the artwork of the podcast and below there’s more space for the rest of UI elements. The Podcast app received another feature called Up Next, which allows the users to queue the podcasts they want to play next.

App Switcher

In iOS 9, you can easily switch between applications, because the app switcher has been improved and now, it has a card-like view and the applications are no longer staying side-by-side, but they’re placed on top of one another and because Apple removed the Recent and Favorite Contacts, the cards are bigger.


Spotlight’s interface looks better in iOS 9. When swiping down on the home screen, you will see that the search bar has rounded corners and there’s a new quick launch icon for Voice Dictation. The grayish background of the search bar was removed, so now it’s translucent.

Camera App

The Flash status with On and Off and instead, there’s only the icon turning orange when you’ll enable the Flash and when it’s disabled, you’ll see a cross bar that specifies that. Also, the HDR feature and the Timer features have switched places.

Battery Usage Details

Now, you’ll find this option under Settings>Battery, after it was moved from Settings>General>Usage> Battery Usage and you should know that it has a new hidden feature. So, when tapping on the detail view icon, it will show the amount of on-screen time and background time for each application/process.

Siri UI

When you launch it, you will see a new cool animation like on the Apple Watch.

Maps App

When tapping on the search bar, you will see what places are nearby – shops, restaurants etc., and when there are icons for specific categories.

Share Sheet

The action icons from the bottom are slightly bigger, and the white background is lighter, merging with the background.

Back button

This button will take you back to the Spotlight search or to a previous application, when you launch it via a banner Notification.

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