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Best Nintendo E3 2015 Announcements Recap – Games and Hardware


The entire E3 2015 show was dominated by Microsoft and Sony which gave little space for Nintendo to make an impression.

However, the company has always been out of the box and loves to make titles that have nothing to do with what people usually play on the PS4 or the Xbox One consoles.

Star Fox Zero

One of the most important announcements that you should know is that a new Star Fox Zero is coming. The franchise’s sequel is one of the most anticipated games which has finally been confirmed and is being developed by Platinum games. They are one of the best in Japan and it is expected to be exceptionally action packed than any other game in the series so far. The last game was launched more than six years ago.

Hybrid Skylander Toys Launched

An unexpected but an interesting announced is the new range of amiibo figures. They are completely different from the first party inspired toys. These skylander hybrid toys will be fully convertible. They could either be a simple amiibo or can be converted into something more action packed and powerful. Skylanders superchargers will be the first game to support these new range of toys and they are transformers that could impress a whole new group of gamers.

Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes has Online Multiplayer

Zelda games have always had a reputation for offering the best single player experience but for the second time Nintendo is going to experiment with the title. It will be an online multiplayer title that will allow groups of gamers to participate from around the globe. There will be unique abilities to unlock, co-op matches and some great weapons to get hold of.

NX Console

Wii U is a great console but it was released too early and didn’t have enough games to justify buying one. Nintendo is already focusing on the NX console which is good news, but they didn’t talk in detail about the upcoming machine. It is being rumored that this could be Android based; but the company refuted the claim. Maybe, you have to wait for another E3 to know more about this or a possible surprise launch.