The Sony Cyber-Shot series of cameras have a huge demand in the market.

The Cyber-Shot DSC-HX300 and the Cyber-Shot DSC-H400 are SLR-like (bridge) cameras sharing some features and specifications in common. While the DSC-HX300 came into the market in early 2013, the H400 was introduced in the first quarter of the subsequent year. As both the models of the Sony Cyber-Shot series are available, which one should you buy presently?


The two Sony DSC cameras come in a similar black-colored model. While the DSC-HX300 measures 130 x 93 x 103 mm, the newer model has the dimensions of 129 x 95 x 122 mm. This means that the two cameras are barely different in length and width, but the DSC-H400 is 19 mm thicker than its competitor. When it comes to weight, the older model weighs 650 g, while the DSC-H400 hits the scales at 628 g. As there is a negligible difference in the weights of the two devices, professional users would not mind choosing any of the two.

The display screen of both the devices is about 3 inches. The two devices have an LCD display, which can be used to view the captured images and to customize image settings conveniently. However, there is a significant difference in the resolution; as the HX300 features 921k dots resolution, in comparison to H400’s 460k dots. However, neither of the two Cyber-Shot cameras have touchscreen functionality.

Winner: Tie


The HX300 has a CMOS sensor, which can capture pictures at the maximum resolution of 20.4 MP. On the other hand, the H400 enables users to capture images at 20.2 MP resolution through its CCD sensor. Apart from this, the sensor size of the two cameras measure ½.3”. Adding to this, both the Cyber-Shot cameras offer light sensitivity of 3,200 ISO. Hence, there is a negligible difference in the sensors of the two cameras.

Winner: Tie


The HX300 features a 25 – 1200 mm lens, whereas the H400 offers a 24 – 1200 mm lens. As the HX300 camera has an additional wide coverage of 1 mm, the users get an edge over the newer model. Apart from this, it sports the aperture of the HX300 f/2.8 and f/6.3 in wide angle and telephoto respectively. On the contrary, the H400 has the wide angle aperture of f/3.4 and telephoto aperture of f/6.5.

Winner: Tie

Overall, the two Cyber-Shot cameras provide head-to-head competition to each other. With equal scores in every area, choosing one solely depends upon the individual preferences of a buyer.

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