Facebook Messenger is a very controversial, yet very useful app from Facebook. It allows the users of Facebook to exchange instant messages in groups or in private.

Unlike many other instant messaging apps that insist on knowing your phone number, Messenger cares less about that and more about your Facebook friends. All you need is a Facebook account in order to use this Messenger app on your phone. In fact, this application is the toughest rival for WhatsApp; yet, they are owned by the same company.

However, this is Facebook Messenger at its best. When talking about the other side of things, Messenger can be a nuisance, especially when it comes to notifications. The notifications come in from any angle since all your Facebook friends can message you on this platform. You might not always be in the mood for such notifications or maybe you are busy in a meeting. If you have faced this problem before or you are experiencing it now and have no clue on how to deal with it, here is how.

Turning off Facebook Messenger notifications

It is a very easy thing to switch off all notifications from any Facebook Messenger activity such that your phone remains free of any alerts. Whether you are using the application on a Windows Phone device, be it an iOS smartphone or an Android phone, this post got you covered.

Android devices

To turn off the Facebook Messenger notification alerts on your Android phone, head to the app and tap on the cog icon to reveal the settings. From here, you can simply toggle on and off the notifications. You have the option of specifying the time you want the notifications turned off. However, this path will keep all notifications muted.

If you want to stop notifications from one person, long press the chat thread of this contact and then tap on “Mute notifications”. You also have the option of choosing the duration of muting the notifications.

iOS devices

If you are using an iOS device, the story is the same when it comes to turning of all notifications. However, there is a slight difference as far as muting individual notifications is concerned. To mute notifications from an individual person, simply swipe a conversation left and then tap on mute. You can also choose the period you want the notifications to remain turned off.

Windows Phone devices

For users of Windows Phone devices, launch the Facebook Messenger app and then tap on the three dots (menu) to reveal the settings. While in there, tap on notifications and follow it by selecting the time you want them to remain off. In case you want to turn off notifications for a single conversation, press and hold the desired conversation thread and then tap on “Mute”. Just like with the other two platforms, the users of Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone can also choose the period of muting their notifications.

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