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WhatsApp Voice Call Feature Beta Download for Windows Phone Available for Beta Testers


WhatsApp for Android and iOS has already seen the voice calling feature of this app released on both platforms. However, this is something that users of Windows Phone have yet to see on their official apps.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as the developers of this application have finally launched the WhatsApp voice calling feature on Windows Phone. This comes as a surprise to many who had almost given up on this feature. The voice calling ability of WhatsApp has been available on Android and iOS devices for quite some time. Just recently, those using the app on BlackBerry devices reported that the feature had arrived on this platform.

Even though WhatsApp voice calls are finally on Windows Phone, the feature is still in beta tests. As a result, heading to the Windows Store in the hope that you will find the latest updates on the version available is there will not yield any positive results. However, you can still get this beta version if you are a member of the WhatsApp beta testing program.

The wait is still on for Windows Phone users

The fact that WhatsApp has rolled out voice calling feature for Windows Phone has nothing to do with the exact release date. In fact, the company claims it has no idea of when it feels this feature will be ready to be released to the public. However, all we can do is expect that it takes them the shortest time possible.

If you can’t wait for this stable version to be released, then you better sign up for the beta testing program of the app and in this way, you will get a chance of testing the voice calling feature on your Windows Phone smartphone.The purpose of the testing program is to eliminate any bugs and errors that may affect the flawless functioning of the feature.

Increased competition means better services

WhatsApp is just making its way into the world that if full of great apps already offering the best services in the VoIP world. At the moment, top apps like Skype, Viber, LINE and WeChat are working on adding new features that will ensure their users don’t cross over to WhatsApp. This will not be an easy task for them considering the huge user base the Facebook-owned app commands.

However, now that there are more apps offering the same services to a limited market, we are set to receive some of the best features and services from all players in this industry. Currently, it is very hard to choose which app is the best for VoIP communication.Now WhatsApp has added to this problem, it will be even harder to decide which app best suits your communication needs.