With the advancement of technology and innovation, Intel is all set to develop a dual system where you can run apps of Android on your personal computer.

Not only the apps, but even the operating system of Android can run on the desktop. This means that you can use the touch-based applications of Android on the screens of touch-enabled laptops or tablets of Windows. Yes, it does make sense to have a blend of everything at one place instead of handling multiple devices. Use some of the software listed below to convert apps to mouse clickable icons.

Software to Make Dual System

YouWave is software that offers you with a home screen and a menu for a set of applications and almost everything that you will need to run the Android apps of your choice on PC. It comes with a trial period of ten days. This trial window is sufficient to get a grip on the Android apps. You may not be able to install YouWave if you already own similar software in your system. Uninstall the earlier one to install and avail benefits of YouWave. You can download and set Google Play, a store for all the Android apps. The Google Store will help you acquire all the necessary apps. You will need a Google account to make this installation successful. If you already have one, try creating another one especially for YouWave.

VirtualBox is one of the basic and the easiest way to install the operating system of Android on a personal computer. You need to first download and install VirtualBox on the PC. Follow it by downloading android’s OS for your system. Search for the file that is saved with an extension ‘.vbox.’on your computer and double-click it to start.

Intel has started to develop their Android distribution based on Intel PCs. Android on Intel Architecture will have a UEFI firmware. However, this software cannot be stabilized on all the laptops except Acer Iconia W700, Samsung XE700T, Lenovo X220T and Lenovo X230T.

The Need of Virtual Machine

Virtual machines are not helpful unless you have some resources built to toss it around. You can dual boot the operating system of Android on your computer. You will need a strong hardware support to consume that operating system. However, with all the complications, running Android’s operating system in such virtual machine gives fewer headaches than dual booting the system. You can use any of the players or software mentioned above. However, if you come across any ISO for your specific computer model, do not have a second thought and grab it.

Capturing all the benefits of Android on your Windows’ system can make you feel good to make a computer powered with Android. The results may not be as perfect as you think. However, you will be surprised to see what your efforts have kicked in. Android applications are not meant for computer systems. Nevertheless, most of them are completely awesome, and you need a bigger screen to get a complete experience of it.

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