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Downloading Adobe Flash Player For Free (Official Source)


If you ever played web content or needed it, then you most likely heard about Adobe Flash Player, which is a great technology that allows you to run and watch videos in the online world. For decades, flash has been used as the best way to share video content online, and even though now the HTML5 standard seems to be the one bringing in the best results, Adobe Flash Player is still a software you should install on your computer at all times.


The official source for downloading the Flash Player is, so all you have to do is to go to the site and then you will be guided directly to your platform. If you have Google Chrome as a browser, then you will most likely have this already installed, so keep that in mind at all times.

The download process is done usually via an external application that you have to acquire from the aforementioned site, but once you do that you will have no problem acquiring it as you see fit. The app was designed with affordability in mind, so it’s a small download and then it will grab the Adobe Flash installed from the web automatically whenever you need it.

Latest update details

The latest update at the time of this writing was version Beta that brings in some nice changes and stability improvements as well to the whole endeavor. First, this particular update focuses on improving the overall Flash Player installation process, but it also includes some new APIs that have been added to the overall NPAPI.

With this new update you can also access a new feature that includes the scaling of flash content on the sites, offering a better experience if a web page decides to bring in a zoom or factoring change.

There are numerous other things which have been added recently which include support for Adobe Access content, as well as more support for Chrome and numerous updates suitable for the Edge browser in Windows 10.

Installation guide

Installing Flash is intuitive, all you have to do is to download the installation package and follow the instructions by pressing Next when necessary. You will need to restart your browser once the installation is finished in order for the flash technology to take effect.

Why install?

If you want to view videos online, then installing Adobe Flash Player is indeed a necessity. not only that, but the application was designed with professionalism and convenience in mind, so it downloads and installs updates automatically most of the time, although you can perform that manually as well.

Overall, Adobe Flash Player is a great product that is indeed necessary for any web user. It’s a great tool to have installed and one that you are bound to use at least once a day. Just follow the instructions above and you will like the results for sure!