Instant messaging has now become part and parcel of our daily lives. Everyone needs it for keeping in touch with their friends, be it in Europe, Australia or even locally.

Today, many people live and breathe IM. As days pass, our dependence on these instant messaging apps keeps growing and the developers know it. It is why a month hardly passes without a new instant messaging app being launched.

This continued introduction of new instant messaging apps seems to have had a huge impact on huge industry players like Facebook. Even though there are young people who are still on Facebook, they are not as active as they used to be. People have been departing this social networking application for messenger apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE and Viber. Facebook did not want to play the victim of the whole situation and it made a major move by introducing Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger was launched to provide stiff competition to players like WhatsApp, Viber and Skype. The company looked around and saw that the IM market was booming and it didn’t want to be left behind. The company stripped the chat service off the Facebook mobile app in order to force the users to download and install the Messenger app so as to keep chatting. At the moment, the Messenger app has over 700 million users. But the big question here is whether Facebook Messenger is really worth it?

Connecting with real friends

One major reason you need to download Facebook Messenger is due to what is on offer. Facebook web client may connect you with lots of people that you don’t know. However, the Messenger app will give you a chance to talk to real people since the chats are in private. You can also connect with friends in groups using Messenger.

Other than chatting with Facebook friends, Messenger also allows users to chat with those not using the social networking platform using their phone numbers. However, this might attract usual carrier charges.

Free messaging and calling

You don’t need to pay for SMS services any more when there is a free messaging and calling app like Facebook Messenger. Using this app, you don’t have to send just text messages; you can include videos, photos, voice notes, locations as well as stickers. If the recipient is on Messenger, the message will be delivered instantly and they can also respond immediately.

Messenger recently added free video calling to its weaponry. Users can now enjoy live voice and video calls for free. All one needs is a suitable internet connection and the recipient must also be using Messenger. You can also show your friend where you are using a map. In this way, it will be easier to find the directions leading to your location. This feature will only be available when you want to share location; otherwise, it is turned off.

Final verdict

In general, Facebook Messenger is an app that you need to download and install on your smartphone. There is much to it than just messaging and calling. Recently, Facebook introduced B2C communication as well as ability to make payments via the app. Furthermore, it is now possible to play games in Messenger as well as do lots of other things.

If you don’t have this app installed on your iOS or Android smartphone, you can get it from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, respectively.

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