Skype is one of the most popular video chat applications for a reason.

Aside from offering the basic services you usually find in video chat clients, Skype has other less popular but nonetheless important features you need to know. You might only ever use Skype for the basic features – instant chat, voice calls, and video calls but knowing some of its hidden and important features may make you see Skype in a different way. It’s time you learn and impress your friends with these important Skype features.

Screen Sharing

Did you know that you can show others the screen of the computer you’re using? This feature works if both of you are currently online. What it does is to show a livestream of your screen to your friend and when you navigate through your computer, your friend will also get a live feed of your computer screen. This is a great way to show your friends your latest photos or videos or even presentations. This feature is currently available for free for one-on-one video calls. You need to pay if you want to share your screen with a group of people.


How convenient would it be to only type a few commands instead of a long string of words to send a message? In the Options menu, click the Advanced option > Hotkeys > Enable Keyboard Shortcuts. This will allow you to set hotkeys for different functions for more convenience. You can answer voice and video calls or decline a call using one of the default hotkeys.

Edit Messages

Words that were already said can never be taken back. Good thing on Skype, you can. You can edit the recent message you sent by pressing the up button on your keyboard. You can also edit the recent messages you’ve sent in the last several minutes by right clicking the message and selecting “edit message”. This feature only works for recent messages you send. You can’t edit any messages you sent if they have been in the chat for a while.

Send Contacts

If someone wants to add one of your contacts, you don’t have to give them a hard time by asking them to search for your contact’s username from Skype’s database. You can manually send contacts to another by right clicking the person you’ll be sending the contact to. Click the Send Contacts and select the contact/s you want to send them. Be careful, though – make sure that there’s no problem with the other person that you’ll be sending someone else their username. Some people may not be okay with that.

Send Video Message

If someone wasn’t available for chat and you want to tell them something, you’ll have the option to send that person a video message. Just click Attachment option on the left side of the chat box and select Video Message. This feature is also free and can be used in many ways. You can send a personal video message to one of your contacts or you can also use it for work reasons.

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