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How to Increase Incoming Call Volume in Android, Windows, and iOS Phone?


Are you frustrated with your phone’s in-call volume and bored of asking the person over the line to speak loudly?

There isn’t any setting change that you can make to increase that, but here’s how you can actually go about increasing the volume control. You may have been looking for some kind of other sound setting modifications such as raising the notification volume, alarm volume and more. Have you been putting your finger on the other ear so that you can avert any external noise and hear the person more clearly? It’s time to think again since the problem may not be with your phone and here’s how you can increase the call volume.

Menu option settings

Most of us in such a case would look up the phone settings to search into the menu options in order to find some kind of an in-call volume raiser or optimizer. But, you will simply not find any volume slider since there isn’t other either. It is possible to find out all kinds of sound settings such as notifications, alarms, and more. The real answer to the problem is that you just can’t increase the in-call volume unless you’re in a phone call currently. Just use the volume buttons on the side of your device (Android, Windows, or iPhone) to increase or decrease the volume of sound.

Phone volume keys

“This is something I already know”, you say and most of us do so to hear someone on line properly. Even if your phone’s internal sound setting is lowered, just a few presses on the volume buttons at the side will raise its current sound level. Hence, even if your phone’s volume is at the maximum then you have a different problem altogether. There are so many phones that have a small spot where the sound increases dramatically. For instance, just a small movement of your phone and you will be able to adjust to a position where hearing becomes easier.

App store exclusives

Even if these tips fail to work, then it’s good to use an app for the purpose. Search for a volume optimizer app in the App Store. There are quite a few that you can take a look at. Make sure you find out the specifications, benefits, and user reviews as well. This is something that a lot of Smartphone users face every single day knowing not what to do; thinking that their phone has got some problem. But, that’s not the case always.

Volume boosting apps

Volume Booster for Android is a popular app for example that lets the user to achieve better in-call sound enhancement than before. Also, search for other apps that might be helpful in this regard. So, the next time you find yourself bored of asking the person you’re speaking to on the other end of the line to talk louder, check out these excellent apps that can make call performance much smoother and effective. Also, please let us know what apps did you find the most suitable to increase in-call volumes in phones.