You are excited to make, upload, and share photo posts through Instagram.

However, you receive only a handful of likes that deeply disappoints you. It is discouraging if you are trying to popularize your business through social media platforms like Instagram; nevertheless, you receive nothing in return. To avoid such daunting response, go through the guide to increase the number of likes for your photo posts.

Complete Your Profile

Social media marketing platforms like Instagram have provided us with fields that are necessary to understand any person’s bio. People will not confide in you if you do not own that confidence in yourself. Hence, fill in the fields and complete the profile with perfect content that can pull traffic towards your account.


Using hashtags for supporting the text and photo in Instagram can be tricky. It is one of the easiest ways to come across new followers and share the photos with larger crowd base. Be specific while working on the hashtags. The basic idea to hit the concerned people’s mind must be satisfied. For example, if you have your business that deals with body care in summer, you can use hashtags such as #summercare, #bodycare, #suncare, etc. this will add your photo to the pages of people following the hashtag groups. Creativity and relevance are the key points to make suitable hashtags.

Follow Others to Make Them Follow You

This is the simplest way to gain popularity over the web. Like or share any random clicks that you come across. After every 100 likes, you may get some ten or fifteen followers. However, those bunch of followers can bring you another horde and thus, you can spread your business circle.

Contests, Quizzes, Votes, Polls

Having interactive content and photos on your Instagram page is one of the basic requirements for every business to promote through the web. It keeps people engaging as contests lure people in answering the questions and winning something in return. Quizzes make people test their ability and in return, you get them as your followers. Similarly, votes and polls help in popularizing you with different shares.

Quality Speaks Better Than Quantity

Instagram is a platform where you can highlight your best quality instead of posting all the photos that can be avoided. Try bragging attention from similar businesses. You may not have ten photos to upload; however, five photos worth appreciating can bring enormous fan following base to your account. This is how powerful the quality of Instagram is.

Specify Your Goals

Understand the quality and outlook of your followers and the fan base of Instagram. Using its service is not a rocket science; however, you must understand the reason and the target audience behind every post. Also to this, you can even ask questions to engage people to your photos.

Remember, Instagram is an application that can be used only for photographs. Your photos and text supporting the photos must be good enough to pull traffic to your account. Though it is one of the best platforms to sell your services and gain popularity, it is in your hands how to perform on such quality stage.

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