A change in LinkedIn features took place quite recently that provided a new look and feel to your home and profile pages.

There have been other features introduced in addition as well as a new pricing plan that means members are now required to either “pay more” or just stick on to their “free plan” (that most users have on LinkedIn).

In fact, LinkedIn is possibly the only social network that keeps adding newer features every month. These changes are invariably targeted to make user experience better on the platform. As members you get to understand how to improvise your participation and marketing using LinkedIn tools effectively. Even if you’re a frequent user of the network, you will be amazed to explore how much of a change occurs almost every month.

It is really hard to keep up with the frequency with which modifications and enhancements are happening on the platform. Here is a quick guide on what the current changes are on the network. There are many aspects that have been improvised. Even before knowing that there are certain factors that users must be aware of about this incredible social network.

Facts and features

LinkedIn is a business and a good one at that. Their officials are always looking to increase their revenue and the changes are aimed to facilitate that. Most users that are currently members on the network do not pay anything to avail their services. It is the user engagement and presence on LinkedIn that accounts for all the revenue that is essentially generated through their advertising and promotional techniques.

The platform hasn’t been this huge always. They were just a website and then turned into a networking tool online. Now they offer comprehensive career management and branding for individuals and companies. However, what sets LinkedIn apart from the rest of the social media is that their new features are rolled out in such a way so that everyone can access them all at the same time.

There are various ways in which you can easily accomplish a task in LinkedIn as well as access the different features on offer from your home page and profile page. The key is to find out what approach works best for you and try to stick to that. Make sure that you keep looking up for updates and the developments that occur on the social network. Trying out the various features will ensure that you realize what works for you and provides a greater value.

New changes

The new home page design sees a lot of enhancements and improvements that make it rather impressive. To understand how to maximize these features you must know how to build your personal brand. The recent multimedia changes are making all this stuff more valuable to your branding especially with upgraded documentation, videos, and presentations. Hence, you can select a specific location to get your added media to appear. There has been a rise in the number of providers that can essentially embed the media.

“What’s on your mind” is an activity update that has also been given uplift. So, more questions can get users to provide more updates frequently. Share your thoughts with over 350+ million people, worldwide, who use their service. A great form of personal branding, that the recent changes are enabling is making such features incredibly valuable to the users. Published posts will be highlighted in individual search results. Make sure you start using the long term publishing feature in your profile if you want to be seen as a thought leader.

SlideShare is now a direct link from your profile page. The feature first rolled out in 2012 and can be seen in the Interests tab. This has been added to Companies, Groups, Education and Pulse.

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