The latest game preview of Raceline CC has all the potential of becoming the most played racing game this season!

Race down the streets as fast as possible in this all new exciting motor biking route designed to give you the thrill and adventure at pace. The best part about the Raceline CC is that it’ll remind you of those amazingly interesting arcade games that most of us have been playing since childhood. The gaming interface has been built to provide the players with supreme visual effects and an absolutely smashing play package much superior than other racing games out there.

Arcade game similarity!

A great looking game and exiting features is all that gamers will be hooked to with Raceline CC. The menu has an incredible color feature that depicts the quality of the arcade game. In fact, the visual impact is good enough to make gamers happy. At least, you will be able to explore some of the most exquisite features that come with this fabulous game in the App Store. The reflex game involves the player to race down a busy street trying to avoid collision with trucks and cars. But, the crowd can be intriguing, especially when you’re at high speed and that’s where you require their slipstream to get past them all with ease. Improve your racing time using this impeccable feature that allows you to achieve greater scores.

The thrill with Raceline CC

The excitement only enhances every minute as the game is designed in such a way that you need to be close enough with every vehicle on the road. Even if you try to time your speed, chances are that you’ll be running up against speedier traffic on the road. Raceline CC has more to do with racing (though it’s a drag racing game) than simply shifting gears to reach the finish line. The App Store product is likely to hit very soon and players can avail a better insight into all these aspects. What makes it rather interesting is that the arcade game similarity that gets you hooked on to the play every minute. Whether you’re on the road or simply looking for a thrilling game to play, this app has all these factors for superior gaming!

Preview features

Raceline CC is equipped with Apple’s metal graphics such that the users can get their hand on a very good looking quality game. The game retains its incredibly high frame rate throughout the play while emphasizing on the sense of speed. It has been built for competitive players so you can get plenty of stats focusing on your performance. Not just that; you’ll get to know your top speed at 62mph or even a whopping 124mph to set your record. Hence, racing limits are very few as you can zoom past vehicles, of course make sure that you do not collide with them as it slows you down and affects your life. Though the game is yet to be released, the preview is exciting enough for us to review the same. So, if you’re a racing fanatic then this game is sure to blow your senses!

Raceline CC is as entertaining as it gets especially with the fast pick-up and racing scenario that players can attain. The game is essentially an F2P and players will find it impressive. Although it is very hard to comment on the monetization part, that might be subject to change in the soft launch game. This fast racing and well-designed racing game will help you focus on improving your speed and performance on road. The makers have designed the game thoughtfully and in doing so they have created a clean interface and done it quite right!

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