The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 II released in June 2013 is the successor of the DSC-RX100.

Belonging to the Cyber-Shot family, this camera is the first preference of many users. Alternatively, the Canon G7 X compact camera launched in the third quarter of 2014 is a remarkable offering from a consistent camera producing company. As the two devices come with closely-related features, which compact camera should you buy?


The second generation DSC-RX100 is a CMOS type camera with a maximum resolution of 20 MP. This camera offers a minimum light sensitivity of 100 ISO and a maximum light sensitivity of 25,600 ISO. On the other hand, the PowerShot G7 X comes loaded with a BSI-CMOS type, 20 MP sensor. The minimum and maximum light sensitivity ratings of this device are 125 ISO and 12,800 ISO respectively. Apart from this, both the cameras have a 1” sensor which covers 116.16 mm2 area. Additionally, the two branded cameras offer a resolution of 5472 x 3648 and support the RAW format. Therefore, the Canon and the Sony devices are completely similar; with exposure being an exception.

Winner: Tie


The PowerShot G7 X measures 103 x 60 x 40 mm and weighs 304 g. On the contrary, the Sony camera has dimensions of 102 x 58 x 38 mm; which means that it is 1 mm smaller, 2 mm thinner and 2 mm shorter than its competitor. In addition to this, the second generation RX-100 weighs 281 g; 7.6% lighter than the PowerShot device. The sleeker design and lighter weight makes the Sony device more convenient to carry.

When it comes to the display screen, both the devices have 3-inch LCD screens with flip out functionality. However, the Canon G7 X offers touchscreen features, whereas the Cyber-Shot has a standard display screen.

Winner: Tie


The Canon device comes with 24 – 100 mm lens with 4.2x zoom functionality. In contrast, the DSC-RX100 II offers 28 – 100 mm lens allowing 3.6x zoom. This means that the Canon device has 4 mm wider coverage as well as 0.6x extra zoom. Apart from this, the two cameras feature a wide angle aperture of f/1.8. However, the users do not get an option to interchange the lens in either of the two devices.

Winner: Tie

The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 II and the Canon PowerShot G7 X are good on their own grounds. While the Sony device has a better built, the PowerShot G7 X has the touchscreen functionality and more powerful zoom.

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