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Tango Free App Download for iOS, Android and Other Platforms


Connecting with others and talking with them is a necessity nowadays, but with so many apps out there offering such a feature, it can be easy to overlook the ones that actually do matter. Here you have Tango, which is an app that brings in the ability to chat with your friends and loved ones without any problems, while also providing you with free calls as well.

Right from the start you will see that Tango is a piece of art! This app has a very colorful, nicely designed and simply stylish interface for you to enjoy and one that you will appreciate for sure.

There are also tons of functions to check out, such as the ability to send messages either to a group or to a single person or a wide range of other similar services.

Voice calls in the app are unlimited if the other person has Tango as well, and the app works seamlessly thanks to that. You get numerous other interesting benefits as well if you strive to use this application, such as the ability to perform video calls and complete support for Wi-Fi as well, which is a major plus for those that do not want to consume web data plans on this.

Like most applications in this industry, you can send calls to mobile as well as landlines all around the world, but some are paid so study carefully in order to acquire the best outcome.

The social aspect in this app is incredible. You manage to find new friends without a problem, as the tool will allow you to search your local area or any other similar region for that manner. Photo sharing is done close to perfection, since you can like the photos of others, share them or modify and comment, it’s all up to you because the app manages to bring in a lot of value into the mix.

Of course, you do get the necessary stickers that can be seen in most apps like this, as they allow you to personalize the messages without any hassle!

What you will like about Tango is definitely the fact that it has numerous channels for you to check out, as well as games and leaderboards that you can climb based on how you play. It’s a very diverse and fun app, which expands well beyond its normal capabilities in order to bring in something fresh!

Where to download?

No matter the type of platform you want to use it on, Tango will work on it, and you can find the download links for any platform at or below:






As you can see, Tango is a great platform that brings in free calls and chat capabilities for you to enjoy at all times. It’s a fresh, extraordinary application and one that you should definitely check it out, as it’s well worth installing!