WhatsApp is definitely one of the most popular chat solutions in the world for the mobile environment, and because of that more and more people are using it on a daily basis. But for some WhatsApp is rather limited, and this is why WhatsApp Plus was created.

Unlike the original app, this one was created by the community and specifically by some enthusiasts so it’s definitely not a supported product by the WhatsApp devs, instead it’s a labor of love from the community. However, don’t think that because of this the app doesn’t do a great job, because it does and it’s quite amazing to be honest.

Which are the differences? WhatsApp Plus is pretty much the same with the normal app, but there is a difference, and that comes in the form of customization.

WhatsApp Plus does bring in the normal source files that you can find in WhatsApp, but these have been altered a little bit to provide you with more power which is definitely a great thing do to. In fact, the app connects to the real servers just like the original version and there is no data leak or stuff like that.

However, the wonderful addition comes when you want to add a theme to your chat. WhatsApp normally doesn’t do that, but this Plus version definitely does, and it manages to bring in complete support for multiple features. Simply put, it allows you to add the theme you want, change the way the chat window looks, in fact you can even modify the text balloon style if you want, as well as the font size. There’s everything you might have wanted, and all under your control for the best results!

WhatsApp Plus isn’t a product that could legally exist, so there is no official website for you to check out, as this would be a copyright violation. However, you can think of it as bring a great addition to the normal WhatsApp service that many people love and want to see. Of course, before you start installing this, it might be a great idea to backup your conversations as often as possible, since this is indeed a necessity and without it you can’t acquire great results.

The WhatsApp Plus app did have a very long and tedious development, mainly because it had to undergo numerous copyright claims and other similar issues. It also managed to deal with a few major problems pertaining to a wide range of issues that appeared during the development process such as the inability to connect to the WhatsApp servers without blocking themselves.

Anyway, these are issues from the past, because WhatsApp Plus is now a fully functional app and one that manages to bring in a lot of value as a whole. It’s a great product, one that manages to bring in a ton of variety and which helps you take the chatting experience to the next level!

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