The iOS App Store is definitely a place of many great apps. However, many of them do not live to the expectations of the modern user. As for the others, they certainly find a way to make our lives better and make us proud of our Apple devices and the advanced mobile era we are living in.

Today, we’ll list out 3 more iOS apps you should download, and obviously – explain why.

  1. Doorsteps Swipe (Free)

If you are familiar with Tinder, the big dating app, you should know that Doorsteps Swipe works in the same way – but for real estate properties. Making your choice easier than listing the newspapers, online websites or call the agencies, the App Store has been revolutionized with Doorsteps Swipe – the app for finding up to date real estate listings – both in your local area and outside of it!

With images, exact locations on maps and other amazing perimeters, Doorsteps Swipe should definitely be the choice of everyone looking to settle in a brand new place.

  1. RockMyRun (Free)

Another free app that blends in music with energy – RockMyRun is definitely the perfect solution for all those runners and exercise freaks looking for motivation in their routine. From hip-hop and rock to oldies and 90s, RockMyRun has many music genres. IT also allows you to like, share or see the current place of the song in the world’s charts. And the best thing?

RockMyRun is fully integrated with the famous app MapMyRun. This means that while you are mapping your run with MapMyRun, RockMyRun can also work. It keeps mixes of p to 45 minutes and it is ad-supported. However, if you want to get rid of the ads, you can go for a premium subscription.

  1. U Messenger (Free)

You probably use WhatsApp, Kik or maybe Viber, but you should definitely give U Messenger a try. It definitely stands out from all the messaging apps we use – supporting voice and video messaging, group chats and many other great features.

However, what makes U Messenger stand out from the crowd is the Recall feature which simply allows recalling photos, text messages and other content to other or multiple users, after they have actually been sent! Also, there is a Break Up feature meaning that if you ever break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can erase the whole chat history and simply make it disappear!

The App Store is a place of constant changes, upgrades and features coming along. But it can also be a life-saver, making your life or favorite activity easier. After all, isn’t that the main idea behind our iOs devices?

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