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8 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for Android and iOS That You May Not Know


WhatsApp has reached at the top most position in the messaging world with its 800 million active users and worldwide acceptability, no wonder it is the most used app as well. There are several tips and tricks for your wonderful WhatsApp app that you may not know about. We have outlined them for you below the best ones that you should know that works for both Android and iOS devices.

Backup & Restore

WhatsApp enables you to back up your data in case if you are changing or switching phone. You can restore you data including shared photos, videos, chat history, contacts, etc. on other device of your wish after installing WhatsApp. It will automatically restore your profile with profile picture, status and everything where you left at.

WhatSim: SIM Card for WhatsApp

WhatsApp now has a SIM card as well those they have named WhatSim. These WhatSim cards will cost you $11.60 per year and has an ability to connect to over 400 mobile networks across 150 countries. If you are among those who travel a lot but do not want to lose connection with your friends, then WhatSim is the best choice for you. The best part is that you can stay in touch with your friends and family over WhatsApp without worrying about your mobile data being taxed.

WhatsApp Web Client

If you are spending more time on your PC than on your phone, then you can install WhatsApp’s web client that works well with Microsoft Windows. All of the features including chat history and contacts will available over your PC just like on your phone. WhatsApp on your device and PC will be synched and you will notice changes made at both locations at same time.

WhatsApp Voice Calling

Recently WhatsApp introduced their VoIP services as well. Now along with messaging your friends, you can call them too and that too with wonderful voice quality as compared to other calling app of same type. This features works for both Android and iOS devices.

Web Client for Mac

There is not any official web client for WhatsApp available for Mac users but there is an iOS tweak available called WhatsMac that will enable Mac users to use WhatsApp just like Windows’ users.

WhatsApp Desktop Notifications

Google Chrome has a plugin that will let you know every time you receive a new message at your WhatsApp web client. But you need to make sure that you are using its web client on Google Chrome.

Lock WhatsApp Conversation

If you are tired of your poking friends and your nosey siblings who are always getting into your friends and specifically on your private stuff like WhatsApp conversations then you do not have worry anymore as you can download an app “Messenger and Chat Lock”. This app will lock all your messaging apps with a passcode. It works for other apps as well like Facebook, Messages, Gmail, etc.

Disable Read and Last Seen

To keep your privacy intact, you can hide your last seen and disable read receipts as well from Settings. You will also loose the privilege to receive Read Receipts for your messages as well. Same goes for hiding Last Seen, as you will not be able to view other people’s Last Seen as well. You can adjust your Last Seen settings to be viewed by Everyone, Your Contacts, or Nobody.