HTC is known to offer mid-range phones for premium experience to customers. Being a premium brand of top-quality and charging a bit more than the rivals, HTC reasonably has all it takes – greater features and an impeccable design.

One of HTC’s latest models is the HTC One E9+. It is also one of the best newcoming phones in 2015 characterized with sharp features and wonderful design. The body of the E9+ is definitely similar to the all HTC phones so far, yet unique at its back. With a matte finish making it easy to be held and free of smudges, this HTC is definitely a special edition product of the brand for 2015.

But why is it so good?

Well, apart from the 5.5 inch QHD display and the amazing 3GB RAM processor, HTC comes with storage that is expandable up to even 128 gigabytes. It also has a camera o 2900mAh which is not jaw-dropping but certainly alright given the specifics and its price.

However, the best value for the price on this HTC is the amazing camera duo – 20 megapixels at the rear and even 13 megapixels at the front camera. Making photos a priority, HTC always focuses on top quality cameras and delivers the experience through this feature.

With the style factor featuring the matte backed-up design and the camera as the leading advantage, this HTC One E9+ can be the best tool for any urban explorer, delivering the perfect scenery in high resolution and large photos. The only issue that the camera may have is the failure in shooting macro shots, which is strange due to its quality. However, if macro shots are considered, we would recommend buying a special lens.

The QHD display is certainly the medium that shows that amazing pictures to the user and with this resolution for a phone on the second class, videos and photos run perfectly well.

Another great advantage of the E9+ is the speaker system. The dual set of the famous HTC Boom Sound system is incorporated in the E9+ as well, delivering a sharp music experience even better than with headphones.

So, music and camera lovers, this phone is great for you!

The HTC E9+ is probably the best HTC phone to be released currently. Knowing that, you know that if you love this brand and are loyal to it, you can definitely upgrade your old HTC to the E9+, or maybe the M9+ which is similar to this one, and enjoy perfect vision and sound at an affordable price.

Technology Why buy the HTC One E9+ – Review