This is bad news for PC gamers, because Fallout 4 was supposed to be a game that would allow them to explore never ending maps in amazing 60 frames per second glory, but Bethesda has confirmed that it will be locked for technical reasons.

If you are a console gamer and planning to play Fallout 4 either on the PS4 or the Xbox One console, there is some great news waiting. The game which is known for being one of the longest and the most intriguing of them all is going to run at full 1080p resolution on both consoles. A lot of new age titles struggled a lot to touch the HD resolution on next gen consoles. Partly because developers are yet to understand its structure and mostly because the hardware specifications are really lacking. But, as Bethesda has already toned down the graphics to make some game play features possible, it is going to be a seamless ride on the consoles, irrespective of the machine you choose.

30 FPS Lock on PC

For an average gaming rig, if we have to go by the graphics shown during the E3 2015 event, Fallout 4 could easily run at 1080p with hardly any difficulty. Even mid-range graphic cards released two or three years ago should be able to handle it. They will probably deliver somewhere between 30 to 45 frames per second in the game. But, the problem is that Bethesda has confirmed to have locked the game at 30 FPS.

Their claim is to ensure an even and an uninterrupted gaming experience for players. A similar scenario came up when Watch Dogs got released. A player managed to find all the files that Ubisoft chose to hide and activated some gorgeous graphics in the game. Developers claimed it could make the game unstable, but in reality, no such issue was reported and players did enjoy it on their PCs. It is the consoles that are not capable and not the computers. If someone could create a mod, they can bypass the lock and make it run at 60 FPS or even more, considering the mediocre graphics found in the new Fallout.

Support for Mods

Fallout 4 is going to have a strong focus on mods and support it on every platform. While many nice mods made on PC will be distributed to Xbox One players and for those on PS4, some of them will continue to be only on the Windows platform. It could either be due to licensing issues or because some of them are too complex to be on consoles.

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