It really doesn’t matter if you want to explore the region or simply drive to the nearest city – if you don’t know how to use Google Maps , one of the best apps for navigation and simply the best app on the marketplace to simply know where you are.

But eventually – we all have to learn it some way or another right? Well, here is the easy way to learn it – reading our tips and tricks on getting around with Google Maps on Android.

  1. Instant jump to navigation

When you search for a place, you are given a choice of ways on how to get there. Well, instead of clicking on the place – then previewing it, scrolling to the top and clicking on the navigation bar, you can just hold the blue icon next to it whilst in the results bar and directly navigate to your desired place.

  1. Drop a pin everywhere

If you think that you can select only institutions or places familiar for Google Maps, you are wrong. You can navigate yourself to any district and any area whether it is a forest or a desert. With simply long-pressing the spot where you want to go, a pin will appear and be put on a map – saving the location or setting its start or end point.

  1. Star locations

Notice the little star just below the address of a location. This ‘Save’ feature makes you star your preferred locations and have them at ease the next time you log in. Smooth, isn’t it?

  1. Advanced swipes

IF you can’t get around in a city while looking at its map, it is probably due to Google’s preview. Hopefully, you can change it with the famous ‘advanced swipes’. Swiping up on the screen with two fingers will revolutionize the flat view and give a 3D look.

If then you need to rotate the map and see the other side of the view, you can rotate the picture with only moving your two fingers in a circular motion on-screen. Tapping the compass will eventually get you back to the default view, in case you get a bit lost.

  1. Use voice commands while navigating

Another proof that Maps is created for drivers – is the voice feature. With a single tap on the microphone button, you can ask the following questions and try to get the most of the answers in your local search:

  • Show alternate routes
  • When will I get there?
  • What is my next turn?
  • Navigate to [place]
  • How is traffic ahead?
  • Hide traffic
  • Show route overview

Obviously, Google has a lot to offer with its Maps app, being one of the most complicated and powerful apps on the planet. Its competitive advantage surely rises up with each new feature presented by Google.

Applications Google Maps on Android – 5 Tips and tricks you should know