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Apple’s iPad is the number one tablet that people buy. Back in 2014 there we some “voices” claiming that the sales have dropped on iPads, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Apple revealed the iOS 9 at this year’s WWDC expo as well as its OS X (also known as El Capitan). The major upside for iPad is the launch of the iOS 9 which will of course mean state-of-the-art features for iPad. These features are: split-screen and a new keyboard to look forward to. The fact that you will have a multitask mode activated will permit you to operate on 2 apps at the same time. Neat, isn’t it?

Back in 2013 Apple came out with the iPad Air, which is a revamped of the 9.7 in iPad. The Air device was a lot slimmer and a lot less light. And even if we couldn’t imagine a better version, Apple surprised us all and rolled out the iPad Air 2 in 2014. Let’s run through the specs of both of these two devices.


Apple’s iPads are no exception to Apple’s high costs when it comes to its devices. However, don’t forget that the price reflects the quality of the end product and the software that comes “under the hood”. You will get to enjoy amazing games, apps as well as content. The price depends, so before you buy a device consider the purpose of it. If you simply want an iPad to play games or watch videos and chat with your friends, the iPad Air is for you, but someone who travels a lot might be need the iPad Air2.

The iPad Air 2 with the Wi-Fi model has a price of £399 (packed with 16GB), the (64GB) costs £479 while the 128 will end up costing you £559. So, which one will it be?

The Wi-Fi and the Cellular models: the 16GB costs £499, the 64GB costs £579 and the128GB costs £659.

Design & Display

The major difference between the original iPad Air and the iPad Air 2 device is the fact that the latter is a lot thinner than the former. Apple has managed to reduce the thickness of the iPad Air 2 by eliminating the slot that existed between the display and the touchscreen of the device. So, Apple wins the title of owning one of the thinnest tablets that is currently on the market.  And because the tablet is really thinn, it also weighs 32 grams less. Users can also choose between Silver, Gold and Space Grey as far as colors are concerned.

Processor, RAM& Storage

iPad Air 2 comes packed with a processor upgrade. The original iPad Air came packed with the 64-bit Apple A7 chip and a M7 motion coprocessor. The iPad Air 2 on the other hand, has a 64-bit A8X chip and the M8 motion coprocessor.

Apple claims that the A8X offer a faster CPU performance in comparison with the A7 one. The graphics processor that exists in the A8X are also off the charts.

Because the iPad Air 2 comes packed with the M8 motion coprocessor, this gives it more power than the M7 and because you have a barometer included, your device can let you know the type of elevation you are currently at. Not a bad thing right?

Because of the 2GB of RAM, the iPad Air 2 gets a pretty significant boost. The only pitfall here is that it doesn’t have the 32 GB storage variant whereas the original iPad has the 16, 32, 64, and last but not least the 128 storage sizes. The iPad Air 2 can only brag with these three storage sizes: 16, 64 and128.

Touch ID and Apple Pay

One new feature included in the iPad Air 2 is concerning the Touch ID. You have a cool fingerprint sensor addition which is used for logging into your device with a mere touch. And because of the iOS 8, users can also use the Touch ID to corroborate the payments (with the help of Apple Pay) and reach their favorite applications.

Reminder: the iPad Air 2 works merely in-app Apple Pay acquisitions. The iPad Air 2 is missing an NFC chip, so this is the reason why you won’t be allowed to make Apple Pay buys (for NFC terminals).

Cameras & Connectivity

iPad Air 2 was also revamped concerning the cameras. The original iPad Air had a front 1.2MP (720p HD camera) as well as a rear 5MP (1080p HD camera). The iSight camera, being the rear one that is incorporated in the iPad Air 2 has an 8MP sensor and a 1080p HD video. And because it also has the A8X chip, the latter camera also comes equipped with state-of-the art 120 FPS Slow Motion video.

As far as the front FaceTime camera unit, this has also been submitted to enhancements. The f/2.2 aperture that is included in the sensor allows more light (81%).

Let’s talk connectivity: the new iPad Air 2 comes equipped with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and MIMO features. This means quicker performance. The iPad Air 2 also works on 20 LTE bands and handles speeds up to 150Mbps (all this through  LTE Advanced)

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