Sony’s biannual policy of launching high-end phones continues with the Xperia Z3, which is a phone capable of going up against the LG G3 even though it has a few disadvantages.

The Sony device continues to remain as one of the finest pieces of design for a high-end smartphone. It lends a premium feel matched by few other counterparts. In fact, only phones from Apple and HTC can claim to be on par with the Xperia Z3 in terms of quality feel.

The LG G3 is not a byword for quality, but it is not far behind when compared with the Xperia phone. It has some key elements that help it to gain a substantial foothold on the smartphone segment.

Unique Feature

The Xperia Z3 has its uniqueness in the way of waterproofing – to a certain extent – since it has proven to be a huge problem for electronic devices in general. The Xperia Z3 cannot just withstand water splashes, but it can go one better by being able to take pictures and videos while submerged in water. This makes it hugely beneficial for the outdoor go-getter. The LG G3’s unique aspect comes with its 2K display. It is one of the first phones to come with such a huge resolution for its 5.5-inch display, which is slightly larger than the 5.2-inch screen on the Xperia Z3.


However, the LG G3 has the advantage of being much more compact than the Xperia Z3 despite the large screen. This is because LG has completely done away with the bezels, which would have otherwise eaten into the screen size. The Xperia Z3 comes into the market at a time when manufacturers are slowly switching towards the 2K resolution, but there are also some phones that still favor the 1080p display due to inherent advantages of lower power consumption. The Sony device benefits immensely from this 1080p resolution since it can claim a two-day battery life, which is quite impressive for a high-end smartphone.


The Xperia Z3 manages to provide this impeccable battery life even after holding only a 3100 mAh battery. This is just 100 mAh larger than the LG G3’s battery, but the use of a 2K display results in substantial reduction in the LG’s battery life. Further, there are also instances of the phone overheating due to the display and not being able to provide its maximum brightness on certain occasions. The Xperia Z3 does not suffer from such faults, as it has one of the finest displays capable of going to great lengths in terms of brightness. The waterproofing is done using adhesives, and this prevents the escape of heat. As a result, the Xperia Z3 may heat up on certain occasions.

The recent introduction of the Xperia Z3’s successor has been the price of these models fall to around $470 whereas the LG G3 retails at around $350 after the arrival of the LG G4.

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