If someone mentions endless running games, Temple Run 2 is what usually comes to mind right away.

Thanks to the worldwide success of the previous version, Temple Run, the new series had many followers and was greatly anticipated before its launch a few years ago. Temple Run 2 remains a popular choice for many gamers because it’s a game that can be easily put down and picked up where you left off.

Important Tips for Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 uses the same concept and gameplay as the original version.It is all about running endlessly while avoiding obstacles and picking up coins and power-ups – but it comes with newer twists that make it even more addicting and interesting. If you’re new to this game, here are the most useful tips you need to be armed with before playing.

Eyes on the Coins

Coins are essential in Temple Run 2. They can be used to upgrade your power-ups and buy new characters. The moment you start running, collect as many coins as you can. Some coins are easy to reach while others will make you work hard for it. Also, collecting coins means filling up the meter bar for Shield, a power-up that shields you from obstacles for a period.

Get Free Coins

You can get free coins through your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is like the Facebook page and follow the Twitter account of Temple Run 2, and you will instantly earn 250 coins all for free.

The Secret to Crossing Broken Bridges

One of the more difficult obstacles in Temple Run 2 is the broken bridge. Many players find it hard to cross this kind of bridge because it’s broken in half vertically that makes it easy to fall. The trick here is to jump before crossing a broken bridge and once you’re in the air, lean your device towards the side of the bridge that’s not broken. Just make sure that you’ve timed well the jump. Otherwise, this trick won’t work.

Don’t Risk Your Life for Power-ups

Power-ups are important but not that you’ll feel the need to risk your life just to get them. If there’s a power-up in a hard-to-reach position, it might be a wise idea just to let it go especially when you’ve already gone too far in your run or have already passed your high score.

Upgrading Power-ups

The more you upgrade your power-ups, the more coins you’ll need to upgrade them again. Upgrade the power-ups that are more useful like the Coin Magnet. This power-up attracts coins in every direction for a period, so you don’t have to change directions to collect them – you can just continue running straight, and the coins will be automatically collected.

Use Gems Wisely

Gems allow you to resume playing after failing to complete your run. They are scattered and show up at random times during your run so make sure that you collect the gems whenever you see one. It should be noted, however, that you don’t have to use gems every time you failed a level. Only use gems when you’ve run far enough or when you’ve already surpassed your previous high score.

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