The summer is usually the time of the year when we need maps the most.

No matter if you are travelling by car, bus, plane or any other form of transport, you need to know where you are and where are you going. Maps help us plan our routes and see along, till we get to our final destination. And while Google Maps is still the consensus best Android map application, there are many other alternatives that work even better than Google Maps in some situations. Here are some.


For quite some time, HERE Maps was an app exclusive for Nokia users. However, a few months ago, the application made its way to the Android eco system and is a quality competitor for Google Maps. The beauty of HERE Maps is that the app allows you to download maps for a whole country or region and then use them while you are offline. HERE Maps help with navigation, but also planning routes, all while keeping a well-designed user interface.

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot is another great application for offline mapping that offers detailed maps with many Points of Interest included in your map. Additionally, CoPilot GPS comes with voice guidance and 3D display showing directions at each and every turn. The best feature of CoPilot GPS is the Active Traffic, predicting time of day routes that help you avoid delays, as well as safety camera alerts.


If you are looking for a simple and easy to use a user interface that is modern at the same time, there is no better choice than MAPS.Me. The application is simpler for use than Google Maps, as the creator has delivered clear and detailed maps. And the best part is the app is completely free of charge.


For the traditional routes and paths, all of the previously mentioned applications work wonderfully. However, if you like hiking and other outdoor activities, few maps applications cover as much ground and as many details as Maverick: GPS Navigation. Even Google Maps doesn’t have maps for some of the hiking routes that Maverick provides.


Few other applications can compete with the popularity of MapFactor. The app is one of the most popular navigation tools in the Android eco system after Google Maps. MapFactor covers all countries in the world. The maps you use are saved and installed on your SD card, meaning that you do not need internet connection when you use them. You can travel internet-free thanks to the maps supplied by OpenStreetMaps data.

Applications Tired of Google Maps? There are Other Alternatives for Your Summer Trip