Social network giants are trying all kinds of new ways to get the users hooked on to their platforms.

While Facebook’s insider news reports indicate a lot of happenings in the time to come, top-in-the-line competitor Twitter too is getting applauded for their innovative customer benefits. Here is an insight into the recent changes, tweaks, and news updates from the two.


Direct Messages (DM)
In a recent announcement from Twitter, the company revealed that it is changing its Direct Messages feature to ensure that the users receive messages from anyone irrespective of the fact whether you’re following them or not. While the feature had been tested back in 2013, there were many users that cited issues with it stating that they weren’t able to opt out of the feature once enabled. Though there were several significant changes in the platform in these few years, with this particular feature the company stated that people can keep up with those businesses that they want to.

However, here the question of privacy does arise. How does Twitter address to this issue? The fact that the company has allowed absolutely anyone to send you private messages on the platform the good news is that to ensure that you don’t get messages from strangers you just have to opt out of the option. The option can be changed from the settings menu. So, how does one go about it if you actually want to enable that option in Twitter?

Click on your profile from the top right corner. Click on settings to change the option. On the right hand side of the settings menu select security and privacy. Scroll down and you will be able to find out the Direct Messages section. Check the box ‘Receive Direct Messages from anyone’. Now click to ‘Save Changes’. The feature will only enhance the usage for Twitter members that find it easier to get messages from anyone and to not check the option if they want to avert it at any point.

Video Autoplay

Twitter now offers web users the ability to see videos, GIFs and Vines play easily by simply scrolling down their timelines. The feature enables the users to view the video that plays without sound unless the user taps on the video. Earlier, the users found it frustrating to jump through several steps finally to get a glimpse of the video content. Today viewing a video gets easier with the autoplay option. This is a feature that advertisers will find extremely enticing; however, it won’t be welcomed by everyone though. If you’re apprehensive of extra data loss through videos streaming in your feed, just relax. There is an option that users can turn off the feature from the settings menu easily.


Video Sharing
Though YouTube is at the top spot when it comes to video viewing and sharing, Facebook is going to give some stiff competition to the Sillicon Valley ruler very soon! With a huge user base, videos on Facebook are more likely to garner greater viewership with its popularity. The recent update showed that over half of the social network user base watches videos on Facebook – a thing that might not go down very well with YouTube.

Also, advertisers still prefer using YouTube as a platform to promote their business, especially since Facebook does charge for commercials that are viewed even as less as three seconds! That is an aspect that YouTube handles very well by allowing advertisements to feature at the start of the video at a fabulously low pricing.

‘See First’ News Feed
The new news feed feature ‘see first’ allows the users the option to view posts from specific people which are always put at the top. This feature is yet to get full exposure as it has been launched just for a few users right now. It enables the users to get a much more ‘manageable’ news feed.

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