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Viber 5.1.1 APK Download Available for Windows – Voice-over IP Top Feature


Viber is a very popular application that uses the Voice-over IP feature, allowing you to make free voice calls all over the world, for free. The application is a great alternative to Skype and it is available for both mobile devices and computers.

It is good to know that you can use the same account on both your mobile device and desktop device, which means that you will be able to send messages or talk using the voice calling feature with a friend, and once you’re home, you will be able to open your computer, log into your Viber account on your computer and continue chatting or talking with your friend, directly from your computer.

Viber is also offering a better Voice Calling feature and in addition, it is also allowing you to make video calls. To make things even better, Viber comes with “Viber Out”, which is a service that you can use to make calls to mobile or landlines phones all over the world at a cheap rate. However, you will need to load your Viber account with money in order to use this service. It is definitely a cheap way to make worldwide calls on landline or mobile numbers.

As you already know, WhatsApp doesn’t have a full version of desktop PC, which is a big downside of this application. However, as we told you above, Viber comes with a full desktop version. But it is good to know that in order to use the desktop version of Viber, you will still need to have Viber installed on a smartphone or else you will not be able to log into your Viber account from your computer.

This is because Viber on desktop PC will require your mobile phone number that you are registered to this application, on your mobile device and it will send a code through a SMS text on your phone, to verify you, so you will need to enter it on the Viber application, on your desktop PC.

Have you used Viber on your mobile device yet? Do you think that Viber is better than WhatsApp?