We know – weather can be daunting. With you leaving your home in sandals and getting cold and messed up from the rain, it is certainly good to have a powerful source of information on the weather. And while you may think the Play Store is full of them, getting the most accurate weather app seems to always be a problem.

Today, we are listing all the apps that do deliver one of Android’s most initial values – predictions on the weather. Well whatever may it be, we all check our smart devices to see whether the shades or the umbrella will be the accessory of the day, right?

  1. Eye in the Sky Weather

Supported by the community and really good in its performance, this app gives you the weather, supports DashClock and has an elegant interface. Although it is reported as inaccurate a few times, it has been improved with new and more precise information recently.

  1. Google Now

It seems Google likes to take part in anything. Google Now is another of this mega brand’s apps that sends periodic weather alerts, weather questions upon asking and precise answers on them. Although it is not a dedicated weather app, Google Now is surely a nice effort for anyone who wants to know how the weather will be in the next couple of hours.

  1. 1Weather

Being one of the highest rated apart from popular apps on the Play Store, 1Weather has definitely gained its reputation. With standard features on daily and hourly forecast and amazing widget selections, 1Weather is beautifully designed. Also, it comes with a daydream support, DashClock support and availability to run in 25 different languages.

  1. Accuweather

Being one of the most standard weather apps out there, Accuweather keeps its reputation and gives you what you need. From extended forecasts and widgets coming in holo dark to the most simple features, Accuweather is certainly a solid and precise weather app.

  1. GO Weather Forecast and Widgets

This app is probably the longest time favorite for Android users and most successful weather app on this list. With widgets for any weather you want to use and multiple features within such as graphs and in-time measures, you are free to use the GO Weather Forecast and Widgets – and enjoy the weather outside!


Instead of guessing whether the jacket should be on your back or left home, you can open one of these apps and find out the local weather in your location. Saving yourself from a bad weather and being unprepared for it can leave bigger marks than only a wet t-shirt after all.

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