If you have spare time to fly around and get in the gaming world of your smart phone, you certainly will with these amazing games. For us, it seems like time flies when we are playing them. Why?

See them above.

  1. Microtrip

Have you ever played a game on your smartphone featuring inside body and organs. Well, in Microtrip, you are sort of an microorganism – and you try to collect as more atoms and live longer. Just try not to puke!

  1. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a game with amazingly well texture and hand drawn architecture. It features various buildings including castles, palaces and more – with you as a character climbing up to the top.

  1. Word Monsters

Word monsters is a game of who’s better in words – you or your friends? You can see it now for yourself in the nice themed game app. Just make sure to swipe away as many words as you can and win challenges – one at a time!

  1. Kami

Kami is an intelligent game where you must think a lot. Your role in the game is to solve the origami puzzle by choosing a color and material and folding as less moves as you possibly can – in order to cover as much space on the screen. Obviously, your moves are colored and will tell you how good you and your IQ are.

  1. Bee Leader

If you love bees and honey, you have a chance to become one of them – through your mobile device. Fly around, explore the world’s deserts, nature and other sceneries. Your job as a bee is to collect nectar and with that – as many points!

  1. Hi Guess the _____

This amazing and fun guessing game can be tailored to your most exact needs – meaning that you can guess anything from characters, brands, food, movies, places, TV shows, restaurants, movies and many more categories with a picture given to you and a total word count on each answer. Beware – this is addictive!

  1. Proust

Again, a guessing game…But nowhere near an ordinary one! With Proust, you can answer items and rank them in order from best to worst – judging by your perspective. In the end, you see what your friends did on the same question – and see if you are a ‘Twinsie’ or a ‘Polar Opposite’! It kind of reminds us of Family Feud – but believe us, it’s even funnier!


Beware in taking time off to play these games. Who knows, a week may pass with you looking at your screen and playing. They are totally addictive!

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