The popular note-taking service Evernote presented a change in how we take productivity in our life. Your life can now be organized smoothly with notes on anything. In fact, taking notes on various things can be so addictive with Evernote.

Apart from only taking notes and you scribbling your activities, Evernote is definitely one of the most integrated and updated productivity apps. Today, we are describing how to make the most out of its potential – with our 10 useful tips on Evernote:

  1. Keep a record of where you go with Evernote

Many people do it, and you should too! Keeping track of your travels with Evernote can be amazingly great. Apart from the names of the destinations, you can always note down some funny things that remind you of your stay. Believe us, you will thank us for this – and remember everything!

  1. Clean out your Inbox

Instead of leaving your email without a reply, you can just note the reply on Evernote and set date, time and description of what you will write.

We all hate the bulks of emails coming along and making our mailing schedule unproductive.

  1. Plan things ahead

Evernote is great if you are in the middle of a launch of a new brand, product or service. Keeping that nice ideas that come in your head occasionally has been digitalized to a new experience – called Evernote.

  1. Share meeting notes

Being the most ideal app for creating and organizing notes, Evernote also adds up with the feature of sharing them with your team members. You can personalize the notes for that regular Monday morning meetings and make sure your team has the template individually. Receiving personalized answers digitally is definitely one of the best advantages of Evernote.

  1. Organize Information at events

Instead of taking pictures with your smartphone or tablet, you can summarize everything within a single note and be ready and updated during the event – with Evernote. In fact, many people take pictures, write notes and make voice memos just to make sure their events are going smoothly. And they certainly are, when Evernote is there, right?

  1. Write a blog

You are in the subway and you have so much ideas you want to share later on your blog. Why not open Evernote and start typing? You can always integrate the post with your desktop Evernote app  and publish the post directly.


Evernote is one of the most integrated tools of nowadays. IF you focus your mindset and your tasks with its concept, you will most likely find 6 more benefits of this amazing app that will help you and your business (role).

So, make sure to be productive and have everything ‘evernoted’!

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