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3 of the best iOS apps you should download on your iPhone and iPad


Finding out the next big app is never easy unless the word is spread to you. However, we do get really comfortable with our Instagram, Facebook and Spotify apps – and occasionally fail to get out of our comfort zone downloading new great apps.

However, we are here to announce you to some of the newest and most trending apps today – in our iOS edition aimed at all the Apple users out there.

  1. Overcast (Free)

Overcast is a podcast app that has a very neat interface. The orange mixed with clean white is definitely a modern appeal for a new app, and the management features are handled with ease. Overcast is definitely great for any mobile podcaster – with the fact that you can download podcast episodes, be notified of new episode releases as well as play your favorite sounds offline as well (which is very, very important), it brings music to our ears in the best way possible.

As any other app, Overcast has additional features inside which can be unlocked with a $4.99 in-app purchase.

  1. Horizon (Free)

If you are tired from your standard camera, you can spice your photos up on to the next level with Horizon. This app automatically shoots horizontal photos and videos…Wait, what?

Yes, you heard it right. With the help of the iPhone’s internal gyroscope, Horizon can identify the perfect position and shoot a video or a photo horizontal! Additionally, the app is built as a perfect editor with some nice built-in filters but also a big variety of resolutions and aspect ratios to play with.

And if you even want fancier features and to finally get rid of the watermark, you can make an in-app purchase and also unlock cool new features such as slow motion video shooting, 2k video etc.

  1. Reddit Ask me Anything (Free)

If you are familiar with Reddit, then you know how powerful this platform is. And fortunately, the whole experience has been improved with the creation of the Reddit Ask me Anything app. Just like the name says by itself, you can ask the community about any question of yours – and even get expert answers from doctors, scientists, actors etc. Basically, Reddit has the power to inform other than any other medium out there!

All in all, these three apps can be perfect to download on your iPhone. They are all free and different. We think that with a little music, photo and video shooting and obviously, getting answers to your questions, you will definitely bring a change to your mobile experience!