E7RY09 Apple Silver iPhone 6 Plus showing the home screen with iOS 8.

With many ins and outs, pros and cons, thoughts and predictions, the mobile ‘experts’ have pretty much covered the battle of Samsung’s Galaxy s6 and Apple’s latest iPhone 6. Many people have bought the new iPhone, and many people sit and think: Is it a good investment?

Before the Apple craze starts again with the iPhone 6S release in September, you should definitely decide in which category you are – obviously, if you haven’t bought the iPhone 6 yet. But before you do that, let’s have a pause and see the top reasons why the iPhone 6 is a well-worth investment.

  1. It is a great phone

For some it is too big, for others it has not introduced a change…But all in all, the iPhone 6 is a great phone as any other Apple model before. Made from firm material and with a sleek design, the iPhone 6 is crafted to fit a hand perfectly well. What’s more, its software is fast and colorful, delivering the Apple experience at its best

  1. Its camera is a-ma-zing

We say a-ma-zing just because the camera of the iPhone 6 is a big change in the series of iPhones. Basically, you can shoot your movie with this awesome camera, and that is why the ads on the newest iPhone are aimed at this advantage. Whether you are into taking photos or shooting amazing videos, the iPhone 6 is definitely worth buying – with a camera of such high quality inside.

  1. iOS brings new improvements

Focusing on its software on this one, the iOS 9 is going to be released this fall. And for those unfamiliar with its new features, it comes with new and awesome Maps, a better Siri, improvements in battery life and more. With this being said, it is now or never for the iPhone 6 and 6s – to be awesome in every way.

  1. A lot of cases and accessories

As much as this may be relevant or irrelevant to you, the design of your future iPhone 6 can be experienced in the best way with the large variety of stickers, cases and accessories out there. With only a couple of bucks invested, you can get a facelift and make your iPhone a mirror to your interests or style.


All in all, the iPhone 6 created a new, maximized experience on iPhones in general. It is the first one of them to offer such big screen at a premium pixel quality – and a Retina display and camera you can shoot and preview movies or music videos with – at ease.

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