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5 Amazing Snapchat Tips You Didn't Know Exist


If you love Snapchat, you love photos. Whether its an amazing scenery, your friend’s dog, you and your girlfriend or simply – the meal you are eating (the trending one!), many people fail to deliver the experience in the best way possible. Without maximizing and knowing how to get the best out of Snapchat, a lot of us are still unaware of these 5 amazing and secret Snapchat tips:

  1. Editing Pictures with Filters

Did you know that Snapchat now supports amazing filters which will improve your pictures’ quality? Yes, that is right. Just go to Settings>Manage Filters and enable the Smart Filters and Visual filters option. You can afterwards play with the variety of filters available! Additionally, you can spice up the photo by sketching some details with the drawing tool. Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Use Large Font Size

If you are tired of that shaded bar with your text, you should know that Snapchat supports big font as well! With writing down whatever caption you want for your picture and tapping on the ‘T’ button in the upper right corner, you can increase the letters and make them stand out.

  1. Replay a Snap

This is probably by far the best feature if you tapped away or missed a friend’s snap. This new feature allows you to view a recent Snapchat in your stream but only once a day. In order to enable it, you should go to Settings>Manage. This amazing option is called ‘Replay’.

  1. Change the number of best friends

If your best buddies don’t fir on the list in the Favorites tab, you can increase the number – or actually double it up. The people you message the most could therefore be accessible in a quick way afterwards – for any snapchat you want to send.

To enable this option, go to Settings>Manage and then tap on ‘# of Best Friends’. Instead of 3 as the basic option, you can add 5 to 7 of your friends now and enjoy the best of Snapchat.

  1. Link or unlink your phone number

If you are aware of the constant hacker attacks, you should definitely protect your Snapchat and unlink your phone number. Or if you want friends to find you at ease, you can link it accordingly.

The link or unlink feature is available in Settings>Mobile Number>Link username to mobile number


With over 400 million messages per day, Snapchat is one of the most promising social networks. It is also a great app for branding and one of the most popular messaging apps today! Celebrities use it, so you should use it as well. Spice up your Snapchat experience with these secret tips and make the most out of it!