Believe it or not, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are the best looking Samsung phones ever designed by the company. With sleek designs, premium materials such as glass and metal, they are certainly living up to the expectations of the audience.

What’s more, the software inside this phones is amazingly well built. Operating quickly and effectively, it is certain that these two Samsung models are nominated for the phone of the year award on many lists.

However, these phones tend to miss some features such as micro-sd card slots, removal batteries, water resistance etc. But you should worry no more, since there is the newest Galaxy S6 Active – supporting everything you need.

We have listed down 5 amazing reasons why you should get it:

  1. Water resistant and shock proof

Wow! Not only it’s a Galaxy, it is shock resistant and water proof. Definitely aiming at all the active people out there, this Galaxy phone is working both when wet and when falling from the pocket. Amazing it is.

  1. Enormous battery life

With amazing 3,500mAh instead of 2,550mAh in the regular S6 series, the S6 Active is definitely with better battery life and can last to two days without worry. With fast charging as well, it is no wonder why this one is recommended for active enthusiasts.

  1. Extra shortcut button

The unique blue button on the left side launches the Activity app – which is perfect. But even more perfect is the fact that – you can reprogram it to be your button and launch whatever you want to launch with a single push!

  1. Only $10 more expensive than S6

Although this is unbelievable, it’s true. Only 10 bucks more expensive and with so much better performances, the S6 active is perfect and cost-effective.

  1. The same performance & camera as the S6

IF you think the Active model lacks in the camera, you are wrong. It seems that the S6 is even better than the Galaxy – obviously for active people knowing their way around.

So, if you want to head start your day and activities ACTIVEly and with a rock-shock S6 version you are not afraid you will drop, the S6 active is definitely the phone for you! Although the design of the Active is a tricky thing compared to anyone’s taste, and it is plastic instead of metal, the performances are all the same – and even better! After all, it’s your choice, but whatever option you choose, you are probably getting the best phone in 2015.

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