Instagram is a great place for hanging out, checking who is doing what and sharing your daily activities. It is also a place of many people and therefore many filled feeds. Today, people love quality posts and result on them in the same manner. That is why you should try and do your best with every picture you post.

Speaking of quality, we are not talking about image quality. There are far bigger concerns than that…Today, we’ll be reviewing them – or in other words, the worst Instagram mistakes you must avoid doing.

  1. Making your account private

We understand privacy, but making your account private on Instagram is like tying up to your comfort zone of 20 followers – including your mom, dad, brother and cousins. Instead, if you open your account, you can definitely commit to sharing the most of your creativity and make sure that people from around the world will get to see what you shared!

Cool, right?

  1. Same type of content over and over..

As much as you love running, biking, eating at McDonalds or just your cute face in the mornings, it is definitely wrong to post all those cheeky posts again and again and hope for likes. You will eventually become boring to your followers – resulting with the ‘Unfollow’ action every once and then.

  1. Close-together images…No!

Why would you capture what you eat at the local bakery and put it on Instagram? We all know it, and we have all seen it! As long as your meal does not include live fish playing a guitar, it is definitely not for Instagram. Instead, you can capture a funny photo of you and your friends at this place or maybe take the donut in front of your camera and capture it along with a background.

  1. Not responding to comments

If you want to build a strong base of followers on Instagram, you must respond to your comments. People who follow you want to know more about the things you do – which is the main reason behind interaction. Without it, you are all alone on this social network!

  1. Not using hashtags

With Instagram being the social network that introduced hashtags to the world, it is a shame for you not to use them. With a simple rule of ‘Don’t overdo them!’, you should know which hashtag goes with what. After all, 30 hashtags for a single photo is way too agressive, right?


Finally, if you want a solid Instagram base of followers, the last advice from us is – be active! Post photos, describe experiences! In the end, it is the only way to express yourself through images.

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