With Apple releasing their premium Apple Watch, we have all asked ourselves this big question: Do I want it and what for?

Many people tend to think that an Apple Watch is similar to an iPhone but on our hands. In fact, many of us mislead the watch for a phone and refer it as ‘your new wrist phone’ or similar. It is simply because of Apple’s brand image but also – the integrated apps and performance that this watch brings to the marketplace.

Acting exactly like a mini iPhone, with the Apple Watch – you can read emails, open Siri and even make and receive phone calls. It’s just that it is on your wrist – instead of your palm.

The size of the Apple Watch is unarguable. It is definitely nice and summoned to a 42mm wrist experience that looks and feels perfect. It is also easy and relaxing to the hand, without any problems of hi-tech nature whatsoever. With a 38mm size version as well, choice is definitely available on purchasing the Apple Watch – or in other words, the new meaning of a watch.

But do you need the Apple Watch with all that running gear you bought? How will you say goodbye to that nice swiss-made classic watch? Many people wonder…

In reality, the Apple Watch is just another piece of technology and notifications, notifications, notifications – everywhere you go! Even if its charging in the other room, you can hear SMS ringtones, Facebook notifications or missed calls. In reality, it is a copy to your connected device – only made for a different spot on your body.

Charging your watch seems to be another problem of the 21st century. Choosing whether it is worth it – in terms of all those calls you answer smoothly and all the visibility you have on your apps with only a look at your wrist – is definitely your choice.

What the Apple Watch misses in our opinion is a little bit of independence. Apple’s vision towards it should be focused on it as a replacement for our iPhone in situations we love to leave it home. But unfortunately, things like GPS, adding and editing – and even sending contacts, a mic that actually Shazams by itself and not the iPhone, ability to watch YouTube videos etc. etc. Basically, the Apple Watch lacks features that will make it a stand along accessory instead of a complement one.

All in all, the Apple Watch is definitely a great start for Apple in this industry. It outruns the competition and the other watches with its uniqueness and amazing features. However, there is a lot of work coming ahead for Apple in order to make the watch experience as worth as our mobile one.

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