Backup passwords are really tricky and risky to play with. If you have recently set up your own on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and you forgot it afterwards, there are 2 simple ways to reset it and enter your phone. You can pick whichever of the options you want, but remember one thing – don’t panic!

Simple Way #1: Unlocking with your Google account

  • Did you know that if you enter an incorrect password, pattern, fingerprint or your card PIN enough times which is commonly over 20, you will be prompted to enter your Google Account credentials? If you know them (and you hopefully do), this can do as the best way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 after forgetting the pattern.
  • In the other case scenario, if you use the two-step authentication, visiting Google’s security site from your computer should be the way here. The website is and luckily, it generates a one-time password to enter on your phone.

If these two options fail to work for you, you obviously have bigger problems and need to do it the other way.

Simple Way #2: Samsung Find My Mobile

Fortunately, Samsung has a remote device management service which tracks phones. Among tracking phones and a plenty of other things, it can help you unlock your phone effectively. How?

Follow these three steps:

  1. When you first set up your device, you’ll have to have registered for a Samsung account in order to make your device work.
  2. Log in with the details of your Samsung Account and the needed credentials
  3. Click on ‘Unlock my Device’ on the left side bar. Your phone will then communicate with the network and unlock itself.

After unlocking your phone with either of these ways, make sure your next unlock code is easier to remember. Immediately go in Settings and tap Lock Screen>Security. After a new box is opened, tap Lock Screen Type and choose a new unlock style which is more convenient and more importantly, something you will remember.

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