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How a guy made thousands of dollars – hacking the famous app game Trivia Crack


With a day job as every one of us but also a great knowledge for programming, Joe Levy simply loves getting into the code of popular games and apps. After he discovered a bug in Foursquare in 2010 and became a mayor of every location possible, he has now turned (and succeeded) in bullying the world’s most downloaded gaming app, Trivia Crack.

We, on the other side, love such stories. So, what happened and how did he get rich with this?

Technical glitches can be found in every app, according to Joe Levy. Ending up with nice sums of money, on the other side, is definitely a reward for finding out the glitch – and making the most of it. Starting off with his analysis on Trivia Crack and the server-player interaction, Joe Levy has realized a glitch that shows the correct answer in every single question.

After finding it out – Joe was smart enough to set up a Chrome extension which automatically selects the correct answer at each turn. This way, he built a great weapon for winning every game possible and tricked friends every single time.

But this is where the ground-breaker came for Joey. He thought of what could happen if he released the extension publicly and let everyone do the same thing? Obviously, people will keep winning and winning all the time.

And Joe did release the Chrome extension – and ended up with 23,000 people downloading it. With a free version as well as a premium one – fully integrated and at a cost of $1,99, Levy claims to have made a little fortune with thousands of people downloading the full version.

Despite of the common thoughts that this extension could destroy the game Trivia Crack and lead to people hacking in and getting nothing but correct answers – this has not happened (yet!). And when Joe is not home smiling with the thousands of dollars he continuously makes (as the extension Trivia Cracker is still active), he is still the average guy working for a tech company.

Finally, Trivia Crack must make the move right now. The Argentinean company standing behind this amazing game must offer a fix, however,  this particular fix may affect the hundreds of millions of users now and could make the game run slower.

So Trivia Crackers, are Joe and his extension worth the challenge?