In the newest version of iOS 9, every user expects to see a difference. As it was announced, after focusing on the Apple Watch launch this April, this September is booked for the newest iPhone, hopefully the 6S – and with that, an update on the iOs.

The main idea behind the iOS 9 would definitely be the stability. With smaller download size and greater tablet compatibility, the newest iOS will certainly be the most integrated and compatible software of the Apple ones so far.

With the release date set for fall 2015 and a free beta in July or later, Apple will play and set nice milestones for completion of the unfinished beta version. Therefore, for any bugs, the beta edition will be charged – just so the release of the 9 runs smoothly.

Speaking of compatibility, the iOS 9 will run on all the iPhones starting from the 4S as well as the iPads, starting from the 2rd generation. With smarter Siri understanding more words in context as well as navigating through the phone with easy voice commands, Apple sets a big proactiveness to its operating system.

Additionally, the new iOS will be more intelligent than ever. Guiding through and searching your email messages, it will be able to detect who is there behind unknown caller IDs, so you have a bit of time to predict who you’ll be answering to.

The expansion of Apple Pay is yet another segment. Although it is limited to only the US, it certainly presents a new revolution to how phones are used – now as credit cards with a ‘Wallet’ app coming with the iOS 9.

The existing apps are also improved in iOS 9. Moreover, Apple News and Apple Maps are sharpened, one of which (Maps) is definitely improved and with trails and transit directions implemented in the software.

Speaking of user experience, there will be a Multitasking icon on the home screen, referring to productivity tasks which are always tricky to be managed. Introducing the split screen solution, this magnificent feature will make you slide in from window to window and make sure you are as productive as possible.

Another great user experience change has been made in the keyboard. With the newest QucikType keyboard in iOS 9, users will be able to experience the QWERTY letter keys in a better way and more customized and compatible with third-party apps.

Finally, iOS definitely switches users to another experience, as announced by Apple. The longer battery life and the smaller size of the whole operating system are simply the best things every Apple user wants.

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